Happy Thursday!

This Friday (19th July) will see UK artist Singer/ Song-writer Louise Parker who's based in Essex release her new single Rear View Mirror.

What Louise has to say about Rear View Mirror: "Rear View Mirror is an upbeat, sassy story about realising I deserve better. It is having an epiphany at a crossroad in life and choosing to not stand for anything less than perfection. I wrote it for all the women and men who have risen up in the face of adversity and been the stronger and better people.
Rear View Mirror was born from a streak of road rage. A BMW wouldn't let me overtake on the M25, as I put my foot down and passed them I thought 'you suit my rear view mirror...' The chorus I wrote whilst driving, all the rest came later. Probably one of the easiest songs I've ever written.
I'm a great driver, promise!"

Rear View Mirror starts with guitar instrumental which I instantly loved and suits the song perfectly. The first verse is quickly given to us and showcases Louise's wonderful vocal range and you can hear from within the lyrics that Louise is very passionate about the lyrics she is singing.
The chorus is my favourite part of the song and it's obviously that this was written after an incident which Louise had been involved in from the tempo within the Louise's vocal range.
The second verse showcases more of Louise's wonderful vocal range this time with her louder vocals which was complimented with her guitar playing skills giving the song a little bit more life.
Rear View Mirror is a song which is very much to the point and one that needs to be said a lot of the time when it comes to issues like this!

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Thank you for reading.
Kellie x