This Friday (2nd August) will see UK band, Morganway release their debut album featuring classic rock, Americana and Country influences features.
Morganway are made up of brothers, Callum Morgan and Kieran Morgan, Matt Brocklehurst, SJ Mortimer, Nicole J Terry and  Edward Bullinger.
Morganway's debut album features 11 songs.

My Love Ain't Gonna Save You starts with a lovely dark sound from the moment their vocals set in but sets the tone for their album wonderful allowing them to showcase their wonderful vocal ranges and instrumental skills. The chorus is super catchy and I felt myself trying to sing along with it. All three verses of the song are amazing and have a lovely story to them and with thanks to the lyrics it is super catchy. You can definitely hear how passionate Morganway are about their music.

Let Me Go has a super quirky instrumental to start the song off in the most wonderful song and set the tone for the song perfectly. SJ's vocals are incredible at the start and showcase her wonderful vocal range and I love the rocky vibes on this track. The first verse sets the song off wonderfully and supports the second verse in a fabulous way. The chorus is my favourite part of this song as it's a little slower and allows the lyrics to shine through. I adore the instrumental solo in the middle of the song before SJ comes in once again with her softer rockier vibe.
Let Me Go is definitely my favourite song of this album by Morganway.

You Can Only Die Once has a rocky feel to start but with a little quieter vibe at times. The song is straight in with the first verse which I love and it works so well with this song. The lyrics are wonderful despite them being sung a little too quick but that's the rocker vibe for you. All three verses of the song and the chorus all work wonderfully well together and tell such a wonderful story and I adore how much fun the band are having with this song. In the second verse the softer vocals work incredibly well and breaks the song up wonderfully.
The instrumental is definitely my favourite part of this song.

In A Dream (Coming Home)
is a super rocky, upbeat song with fantastic instrumental setting the song off wonderfully. The first verse is wonderful and sets the song off perfectly and I adore this band for being so true to themselves and their styles. There is something so special about their lyrics and style of music in general (they definitely know their strengths and weaknesses) and this song definitely shows this off in a amazing colours! All three verses and the chorus especially the chorus are stunning and it's the perfect song for those summer road trips in my opinion. Their instrumental playing skills are definitely showcased within this song especially with their many different vocal ranges being shown throughout!

Frozen In Time
is a slower sounding song from the instrumental at the start but this song tracks the song up wonderfully. The first verse is darker sounding but it works wonderfully well with the instrumental used linking perfectly to the chorus with the instrumental. The second verse is a little darker which sets the song on a perfect track and there is something so special about Morganway's song-writing ability and vocal range especially within this stunning song. I absoultely adore the bridge and the fact that SJ gets to show off her incredible softer and higher/ louder vocal range in this song - what a moment, what a song!

London Life
has a guitar instrumental to start which I adore before the higher/ louder instrumental comes in. The first verse is part of the song which is quickly given to us with male lead vocals which work wonderfully well and gives him chance to show off his incredible vocals. I felt myself listening instantly to the lyrics and I caught myself following along with the lyrics which I absoultely loved and this was the first song that has allowed me to do this. London Life is definitely a song for all of us who go to London a lot and know about the hassle and bustle of busy capital city life and the people you can find in London everyday.

is a very quirky and upbeat song which I instantly loved from the instrumental right at the start. The first verse starts with vocals from SJ which I loved and the rockiness in her vocals in just wonderfully and made even more special in the chorus with the help of her band and their vocals. The lyrics are wonderful. The second verse continues the song wonderfully and I love that the story changes within the lyrics however you could follow most of the lyrics. The final verse ends the song wonderfully and the final chorus is just stunning!

New Way
is a song that has a little bit of a slower instrumental to start which works well on this album especially with a male vocal opening the song. The first verse is a little softer and less rocker which also has beautiful harmonies from other members of the band. The chorus and next verse is just beautiful and the softer tone of this song works wonderfully and I instantly caught myself adoring this song thanks to the instrumental solos. The final verse allows the story of this song to continue beautifully and I once again caught myself listening along with every single word that was being sung.

Daylight Rising
is once again, another softer and slower track which I adored from the moment the instrumental started. The song is started with SJ's stunning vocals which allows the lyrics to shine through and most importantly the bands song-writing to shine through. The chorus is so gorgeous and the bands harmonies are just something else that I caught myself getting a little emotional off. The lyrics throughout this song are just beyond incredible. All three verses of this song are so brutally honest that I have a little a lot of people will like this song for this reason alone.
Daylight Rising is my favourite song of this album and I can't wait to hear this song live one day for sure!

I See People
is one with a little louder vocal and instrumental which I just adore and allows you to see who Morganway are as a band. The first verse has a little bit of an emotional feel about it but with the stunning heartfelt lyrics it is understandable why. The chorus breaks the song up wonderfully with it's heartfelt softer lyrics with wonderful vocal range is used to showcase this. The second verse is just wonderful and follows on with the chorus fantastically. The instrumental solo in the middle of the song breaks the song up wonderfully before following with the chorus one last time with what sounds like a final verse too.

I Want No Other Love
is the perfect song to end their debut album with thanks to the song quieter and heartfelt instrumental and lyrics from the very start. The first verse is from the heart and I caught myself instantly listening to every single lyric that was being sung and the instrumental worked perfectly for this song at every single turn. The song-writing within this song is just wonderfully and one that everyone needs to listen too carefully! All three of the songs verses are wonderfully and tell such a beautiful story thanks to it's heartfelt lyrics. The bands harmonies are stunning throughout this song.

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