Happy Tuesday!

Last Saturday (27th July), I had the pleasure of attending Nashville Meets London in Canary Wharf, where I saw U.S. Singer/ Song-writer Sarah Darling perform. Sarah wore a beautiful sparkly dress and as also she looked wonderful.
Sarah's set contained 12 songs in her 60 minute set.

Sarah started her set with Blue Sky which for me was the perfect song for Sarah to have at the start of her set with as it got the crowd up and singing along right from the start.
The next song was called Call Me which happens to be one song that got the audience loving and the energy up with. The more I see Sarah perform this song the more I am amazed by Sarah's vocals on this song.
Sarah then performed her song Fire in which Sarah displayed her softer vocal range on and her harmonies were incredible on. I caught myself singing along with this song for the first time (despite having heard this song quite a few times) and knowing all the lyrics which makes a change.
Shine was the next song that Sarah performed and what a performance this was and one I caught most of the crowd singing along with and if they wasn't they were listening to every single lyric that Sarah was singing!
Where Cowboys Ride was one song that had most of the audience singing along with. The energy from the crowd during this set made this song along with Sarah's vocals because this is one song that most people know from Sarah.
Up next from Sarah was Light It Up which is a very upbeat, happy and classic song from Sarah's music and her song-writing on this song is stunning which offered many stand out moments for Sarah. Sarah's shine moment was in the chorus where you could see how much Sarah was enjoying her performance and seeing the crowds reception to the song even though many of the crowd had seen her perform live before.
A Little Bit of Rain was the perfect song for the moment as it had been raining ahead of her set and it looked like it was going to again. Sarah's vocal performance on this song was just incredible and one I felt myself being able to connect with.
Next up was a song I didn't catch the title off so I'm calling it I love you too much which was followed by Home To Me the one song I still adore 6 years on and it still makes me emotional as the lyrics are just stunning. Sarah's vocal never fail to disappoint on this song so for that I thank you very much Sarah.
The next song was another I didn't catch the title off as I was too busy listening to the lyrics of the song and my god it was amazing - a song I would definitely love to know the title of!
Up next was a cover for Take Me Home, Country Roads from Sarah which happens to be a very classic song which had everyone in the crowd singing and dancing along with. The performance was a magical one and one that stood out to me!
The second from last song from Sarah was a brand new song and another I never caught the name of (this is embarrassing now but shows I was getting lost in the moment and the lyrics of the songs being performed)
The final song from Sarah was another favourite of mine called Enjoy The Ride which happened to be one song I was singing along with from start to finish and by the look on Sarah's face it was one song she was super happy to be performing.

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Thank you for reading.
Kellie x