Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending Nashville Meets London in Canary Wharf, where I saw UK Country artist, Twinnie who was the second act of the day.
I saw Twinnie perform for the 4th time this year alone and she amazes more and more everytime I see her perform live!
Twinnie's set contained 11 songs in a 45 minute set.

Twinnie opened her set full of energy with Type of Girl which for me was the perfect opening song for Twinnie and one that once again had the energy of everyone attending right up despite the weather.
The second song Twinnie chose to perform was called Won't Go (or at least that's what I think it was called) which for me was a new one that I absoultely adored and the audience were listening to every word Twinnie was singing, the vocals on this song was everything.
Daddy Issues was next and this is one song I love the more and more I hear it live there is just something about Twinnie's vocal range and song-writing ability within this song is everything. Throughout this song the audience was in the palm of Twinnie's hands.
Hollywood Gypsy was next and this song was one that the crowd were singing along with Twinnie for you could see how much this meant to her but the look on her face throughout the song.
Up next was another brand new song Chasing which was one very emotional song for me connecting with the lyrics but Twinnie was full of energy and one where she showed how amazing she is at holding a note. Lie To Me which is one song that whenever I have seen her perform live has got an amazing reaction and it was no different at Nashville Meets London with the crowd absoultely loving it and singing along to every word, which once again you could see how much it meant to Twinnie but the look on her face.
Next was a song called Manicure which Twinnie gave one incredible performance on, along with it being one song that I felt myself listening to every word of.
Social Babies was the song Twinnie performed next which happens to be my favourite song at the moment and you know what I was absoultely amazed by her performance yesterday especially with her energy levels whilst it started to rain during this song. You could hear how much Twinnie was loving hearing the audience singing along with her song almost looked like she was in tears for a happy reason.
Twinnie when cover to cover Lewis Capaldi's Someone You Loved to which Twinnie described to the crowd as one song she wished she had written and my god Twinnie performed this song wonderfully and her vocals were phoemental throughout.
Twinnie ended her set with Better When I'm Drunk which was one song the crowd were hoping she was going to play. The energy throughout this performance was amazing and she really knows how to work the crowd and give them an incredible performance.
Better When I'm Drunk was the perfect song for her to end her incredible set with.

I also did a video here with Twinnie which I will be adding to my Social Media's next week

You can follow Twinnie on her Social Media

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x