Happy Wednesday!

This Friday (26th July) will see UK Singer/ Song-writer Emily Faye release her new single for the Summer which is called Barefoot.
Emily wrote Barefoot with producer Sue McMillan.

Barefoot has a beautiful instrumental throughout the whole song which has a super country feel for me right from the start. The first verse of Barefoot set the song off wonderfully and with the lyrics makes the song even more incredible - something that is perfect for the summer.
The chorus of Barefoot is one that I adore and takes me right back to being at the beach with the sun shining down and having the best time with family and friends!
The second verse is beautiful and continues the storytelling beautifully and suits the song so fantastically. Emily's vocal range throughout Barefoot is just incredible.
The bridge is stunning and Emily's softer vocal range makes it wonderful.
Barefoot is definitely going to be my summer jam and reminds me what I love about the summer.

You can follow Emily on her Social Media

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x