Happy Friday!

TODAY (22.6.18), Danny McMahon is releasing his brand new EP called 'Momentarily'. Danny very kindly give me the opportunity to review it for him and what an EP it is.

'This EP shows how incredibly passionate Danny is with his music.' - BringCountry2UK

Couldn't Write A Love Song is a slower sounding song to start. Moments in, Danny vocals start very moving. Couldn't Write A Love Song is a very moving and meaningful song. The first chorus is about the start of the relationship and I love the choice of lyrics very thought about. The chorus is very beautiful and honest - you can tell it's about his love life (so gorgeous!) songs like this are very rare. The second verse is about all those moments you have made in your time together, I love the instrumentals after the third verse makes the song incredible. The higher vocals in the final chorus are just incredibly wonderful and gets the song to another level.
Danny's vocal range throughout is wonderfully thought about and you can hear Danny is singing this from his heart! I am ready to add this to my summer playlist for sure. Excited to hear this live soon.

It Don't Work That Way is a much louder but rocky sounding song but I loved it from the start! It Don't Work That Way is such a fun loving song such Danny makes fabulous -  perfect summer anthem! The first verse is rocky and wonderful as is the second verse the lyrics are so respectfully and honest as all of Danny's song seem to be! The chorus is very rocky and shows of Danny's wonderful vocal range fabulously. I love the simple instrumentals that is used throughout as it takes the song to another level in a really, really funky way. This song is perfect for Summer Festivals.
This song is my favourite of Danny's EP.

Momentarily is a slower sounding song and adds the perfect mix to Danny's EP.
The first verse features some heartfelt lyrics in a much softer and lower vocal tone which suit the song so very well. The chorus is gorgeous and features some emotional lyrics that get you thinking (this is my favourite part of the song). The second verse gets you thinking with brutally honest lyrics which mixes this song a fantastic mix of emotions. The final verse is the most stunning thanks to the fabulous lyrics, thank you for being so open with your song-writing in this song. I felt myself getting rather emotional during this song.

Move starts with a very quirky and funky feeling sound. Move is based on a relationship and you get this from the lyrics but with Danny's jolly vocal vibe throughout it's a magical mix. Move is one song I felt myself swaying along to from the start. The first verse is very upbeat, the lyrics are just beautiful. Move is one of those songs that is perfect for a pre-party playlist and even a party - I absolutely adore this song already! Move has such very, very catchy lyrics and the second time it came around I felt myself singing along. The second verse is verse where it is obviously based on a man's point of view compared to the first but that's ok because it's based on experience and artists who do this are rather special! The final and bridge are very jolly and Danny's softer vocals show through, perfect choice of tone.
Move is one song I think will be incredible live. Move shows us how passionate Danny is about his song-writing. I am very happy Danny has written a dance song!

You can download Danny's latest EP here.

Thank you for reading my review on Danny latest EP.
Kellie x