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Temecula Road recently enjoyed a rather successful CMA Fest in Nashville and here we talk to Dawson, Maddie and Emma about their time and experiences of the festival.

Photo from Twitter user JessicaM_717

Hello Dawson, Maddie and Emma. Thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions with me about your time at CMA Festival.

How would you say your performances went? And what was the atmosphere like? When my friend said who watched you on Thursday evening it was fabulous, would that be correct?
Our performances were super fun. We do a mix of originals & covers. My favorite cover that we do is Party In The USA by Miley. The crowd goes crazy.
Maddie: The performances were really good! We had so much fun. It was a full band show so I think the fans enjoyed the dynamic. It was so hot out but it was awesome to see how many fans showed up in the heat.
Dawson: The performances at CMA Fest were great! The Atmospheres were very lively because the fans there are all really into watching the live performances. They were absolutely as fabulous as your friend said they were!

You performed on quite a number of stages over you time at the festival, were you thrilled with the reaction you received from the fans there?
Emma: CMA Fest is the best time to interact with fans from all over the world. We met some of our fans that we met when we were in London! It’s our favorite time of the year.
Maddie: The fans were incredible! So many people come from all over the county and even different countries.
Dawson: We were definitely happy with the crowd reactions. They were really energetic and it made it super easy to feed off of them while we were on stage.

I have to ask what songs went down well with the fans?
Emma: Definitely Party In The USA and our original song called Drive Slow.
Maddie: I’d say Party In The USA went over really well, the fans seemed to enjoy the classic haha.
Dawson: The songs that went best with the fans would be our original song ‘Drive Slow’ and the cover we do of ‘Party In The USA’ by Miley Cyrus.

And please tell me you tried out some new songs? I know you played Everything I love (think that’s what it’s called) and my god I adore this song!
Emma: Thank you so much! Yes that is a new song. We love performing that one. It’s definitely different than our other stuff but we love it for that reason.
Maddie: We did do some new songs! Everything I Love is a great one and we also tried out some other new ones.
Dawson: We are constantly updating our set to keep it fresh so we were definitely able to try out some new ones like ‘Everything I Love’.

Did you enjoy meeting your fans at the signings you did?
Emma: Yes we did. We have 3 signings and all 3 of them were amazing. We met new fans and reconnected with older fans.
Maddie: Meeting fans at our signings was super cool because we got to hear their stories and where they came from.
Dawson: The fan meet and greets are my favorite part of CMA Fest! Everyone is so nice and we are able to hear stories about how our fans have followed our journey! CMA Fest is all about the fans so being able to meet them and give back is an incredible feeling. 

And before you leave, just a little question if you had any chance to see any of the other artists performing, who did you enjoy?
Emma: I loved seeing Dustin Lynch and Devin Dawson. Those are my two favs!
Maddie: We saw so many amazing artists at CMA Fest! Of course my fav was Carrie Underwood haha! But I loved Thomas Rhett and FGL also! Everyone was amazing.
Dawson: I was able to see a ton of other amazing artists perform! Some of my favorite performances were from Thomas Rhett, Dustin Lynch, Keith Urban, and Jason Aldean!

Thank you so much for your time Dawson, Maddie and Emma.

Thank you for reading my interview with Temecula Road.
Kellie x