Happy Tuesday!

American Young are once again coming back to the UK for a 3 date UK Tour and here I will be speaking to them about what we can expect from their tour and what they thought of C2C back in March.

Good Morning, American Young. Hope you are well.
I have to say I am very excited about you coming back to the UK.

How are you feeling about coming back to the UK?
We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be invited back. The UK is starting to feel like home. We have so many friends all over the UK and it's great to see them a couple times a year.

Are you excited about visiting a few new places that the UK has to offer?
Absolutely! It's one of our favourite things to do is explore new places, and we get to do that for a living! We love meeting new people, seeing new things, and finding the best food in every town we visit.

Are you ready to see your UK fans? Because we are definitely ready for you and very excited, I must add!
Thank you! We are so excited to see are fans. We love to have a pint of beer with everyone of our fans when we come. If it wasn't for our fans we wouldn't be having this amazing opportunity.

What can us fans expect from the tour? A mix of old and new music? Any covers?
Fans will hear some different tunes of new music, new covers, and of course some of the tunes from our debut album. We've been in the studio recently and we are working on some tunes. Also you may see some surprise guest jump up on stage with us.

You have written a lot of songs for many wonderful artists, can you expect to hear any of these songs?
Of course! We are fortunate to have some of our tunes cut by guest artist. We will definitely play some of those tunes and share the stories behind how they came about.

Before I let you go, one question I have to ask is about how you found C2C festival back in March?
I might add how incredible you were. Wish I could have stayed to meet you both though.
C2C festival is incredible. The fans come from all over the world and it amazes us everytime we are there on how lucky we are to share the stages with such incredible talent in front of some of the best fans in the world. It's electrifying. Hats of to everyone involved at C2C for creating the environment. We will continue to show up as long as C2C keeps having us. We are ok with being the house band there.

And last question I promise, Did you like the fact that us UK Country Music fans listen to the lyrics and connect with the songs, is this different to your American fans or not? (I've always wondered this)
We love the fact that the UK fans listen to lyrics and connect with songs Everyone of these songs that we write are pieces of us, and when you hear and see people singing back the lyrics it's like an acceptance and understanding of our lives. The crazy thing is it's not only the songs that are single driven to radio. It's the whole album.

In the US many people listen to lyrics and connect with songs, however the US the means to hear music is very much single driven on radio. It's not a bad thing at all. You just hear a song and want to hear more, or know who that was.

It's great to hear Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2 bring on a guest and share 2-3 songs from that guest and all the sudden you know more than just one song. You hear the stories behind that songs and create an understanding of the what you're listening too.

Thank you for your time, American Young and Good luck with the tour.

You can catch American Young at the following places;
June 27 - Pizza Express, London
June 28 - Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes
June 29 - Tuned In Arts Centre, Middlesborough

Thank you for reading our interview with American Young.
Kellie x