Hey everyone.

Welcome back to my blog and to one I’ve wanted to publish for a few days but having had a busy weekend I forgot 🙊

Having read so many comments over the weekend online about how women are supposed to look, be a certain size and how people need to show a little more flesh (yes I am referring to the Soap Awards) but to be honest is this really necessary?! Because as long as you are confident in what you wear (no matter how bold or different it is!) surely that’s the most important thing? Or am I wrong?

I thought all the women looked absolutely stunning and looked super confident and happy in their outfits. Whether you liked or hated (which I saw people tweeting about but were the hate comments necessary?! I don't believe so! Because the hate comments are the ones that stick with whoever you talk too (just think would you like to receive the comment that you are sending? If the answer is no then don’t send it. Simple!)

Everyone has the right to wear whatever clothes they are comfortable in. Does the size of an individual really matter has long as they are happy and healthy? No it doesn’t because as well as you are able to do what you want, who are we to judge anyone but ourselves!

There is so much stigma for women to look and be a certain way in the society we leave in today and this is not right, because we were made to be different and then society judges us? I just don't understand why everyone is quick to judge each other!

Over the years, I was told but so many people that I was too thin and that I should be bigger and that I shouldn’t wear the clothes I did but did I listen to them haters? No, but at times yes it did give me a little doubt (but if we are honest comments like this sometimes do!) but I learnt very quickly that I as long as I was happy and felt confident in what I was wearing to not let the negative comments bring me down!

This is why us women feel low a lot of the time but I adore this quote ‘When Women Support Each Other, Incredible Things Happen!’ Because it’s the women who show their support to each other that are the stronger ones.

More inspiring quotes for us women to remember

'One woman's success is inspiration for another.'

'Honesty is key. Let's stop the lies and, instead, tell each other how it is.'

'As females, we should compliment other females. It's not a competition, it never really has been.'

'When women encourage, and genuinely support one another, incredible things happen. It’s what this world needs more of.'

'We should embrace natural beauty, rather than be critical of other women’s bodies and our own.'

Let's stick together and support each other, and show the world what empowering women can do!

Thank you for reading,
Kellie x