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I know I haven't written an episode Robron blog since the end of September 2017 (yes, I wanted to but never got round to posting😢) But I couldn't help but write one for the REUNION but not only that but because of Maxine Alderton's incredible writing and Duncan Foster's wonderful directing are featured on the Reunion Episode.
With Emmerdale in the week up to the Reunion releasing quotes from the episode it's made me even more exciting and I know I shouldn't be as excited as I am but I really don't care!
I want be quoting everything only if I feel it's necessary.
Feel so strange that on Wednesday we were watching Alex move in with Robert and Robert being devastated about Aaron moving in to now on Thursday (day, as I am writing) them reuniting!

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Ahead of the episode on Thursday, Digital Spy released a preview photo of Aaron and Robert in the garage and it was on my mind for most of the afternoon - How do they get there? Why are they there? (photo above)

The reunion is exactly what we have waited for, for months it was incredibly stunning to watch!!

Moments before the episode I felt my heart racing so much and so happy the night is finally here and the excitement is unreal. Twitter is the best with everyone being so excited and the positivity ahead is wonderful!
First scene of the episode was of Robert leaving the cottage whilst looking at his phone, Bernice, Kerry and Vanessa are waiting outside the pub for their taxi with Robert seeming very nervous as he gets into the taxi.

Next scene was in the gay club where Robert is around a table having shots with Vanessa, Bernice, Kerry and Priya. Robert looks so down (missing Aaron obviously!)

Moments later Aaron is seen entering the back room of The Woolpack where Victoria is getting ready to meet Robert in town. Victoria talking to Aaron about where Robert is and is soon turns emotional. Aaron admitting to Victoria that he still cares for Robert a lot and it is the cutest. Aaron needs Robert just as much as Robert needs Aaron which is super cute!! The true feelings are starting to come out finally after months.
Aaron: 'Any chance of a burger?'
Vic: 'Kitchen's closed, soz.'
Aaron: 'Where you off to?'
Vic: 'Taking Robert out to that new gay bar in Hotten. You been?'
Aaron: 'Well, yeah, but Robert hates gay bars.'
Vic: 'He likes blokes quite a lot though. Sometimes. He told me about Valentine's, by the way.'
Aaron: 'Right.'
Vic: 'What were you doing, messing with his head like that? You know how hard it was for him to let you go?'
Aaron: 'Yeah, of course I do.'
Vic: 'But you just casually tried kissing him.'
Aaron: 'It wasn't like that.'
Vic: 'Okay, then. So, how was it?'
Aaron: 'I care about him, Vic, all right? I didn't mean to confuse things.'
Vic: 'But it definitely was a mistake?'               
Aaron: 'Yeah.'
Vic: 'So, if he met someone tonight, you'd be completely fine with that.'
Aaron: 'Shouldn't he be looking after his kid or summat?'
Vic: 'Oh my God, we forgot the baby! Diane's having him. And you still haven't answered my question.'
Aaron: 'Yes, I'd be fine with it.'
Vic: 'So why don't you come with us then?'
Aaron: 'No, I don't think so.'
Vic: 'Quiet night in with Alex, is it?'
Aaron: 'No, he's meeting up with a mate after work.'
Vic: 'Right, taxi's here. Well, you know where we'll be if you change your mind.'

At the bar in the club, Bernice tries to set Robert up with a guy but Robert isn't feeling it. Robert we all know Aaron has your heart. Aaron enters the club looking for Robert.

Copyright ITV

Back at the club, Robert's sat with Vanessa where Robert opens up and Vanessa tells him to go up to the bloke we approached him earlier in which Aaron sees Robert doing and becomes a tad jealous leaving Aaron shocked. Bernice then tries to get Robert up dancing.
Few moments later, Aaron looks devastated of what he has witnessed from Robert with Alex then walking past him with his work friend. Word soon spreads that Aaron is there and their reactions are hilarious. Robert later being dragged to dance is awkward but how he didn't notice Aaron is beyond me.
This episode is wonderfully brilliant.

Soon after, Aaron then watches Robert whilst talking to Alex which later leads Aaron admits that he isn't there to see him but Robert and breaks up with Alex. Aaron smiling once he did it was so wonderful to see Aaron genuinely smile.
Alex: 'Is that the camp redhead from the salon?'
Aaron: 'Bernice, yeah. And half the village.'
Alex: 'Let's go over. I love Bernice.'
Aaron: 'Alex wait. I lied to you. I wasn't coming here to find you.'
Alex: 'Okay.'
Aaron: 'I knew Robert was coming.'
Mate: 'I might just pop to the loo.'
Aaron: 'Nothing's happened. It almost did, but I haven't cheated. Not properly, but... Look, I feel really bad for what's happening to you at work. But I can't keep lying to you. We need to break up.'

Moments later, Alex is left angry with Aaron for not admitting how he felt about Robert bearing in mind he had given him plenty of chances to admit the truth about Robert. Which leads to Aaron FINALLY admitting how he feels about Robert to Alex which is perfect!
Alex: 'What did I say at Christmas? I backed right off.'
Aaron: 'I wasn't ready then.'
Alex: 'So what changed?'
Aaron: 'I...I just really miss him. And I thought I get over it but I haven't. I... I can't.'
Alex: 'So then why let me move my stuff in?'
Aaron: 'To help you.'
Alex: 'By making me think that we had a future?'
Aaron: 'Well, then I'm sorry.'
Alex: 'I'm gonna stay at his tonight.'
Aaron: 'You don't have to do that.'
Alex: 'I think I do, Aaron.'
Aaron: 'Alex, I swear I wanted this to work.'
Alex: 'Take care of yourself, all right? See you.'

Soon leading to a shocked face from Robert at seeing Aaron. Robert isn't happy with Victoria because she told him where they were. Aaron smiles over and Robert is clearly feeling the same about Aaron but him storming off just proves that!
The suspense is killing me.
Victoria: 'Well, I tell him to get lost.'
Robert: 'What, so I look even more pathetic?'
Victoria: 'How you feel isn't pathetic, Rob. Well, do you want to go home?'
Robert: (grabbed his jacket) 'I just... I need to go and sober up.'

Robert leaves the bar and is standing outside when someone approaches him with Aaron soon follows him outside where is sees Robert. Robert soon smiles and Aaron chat's outside is wonderful. Aaron is shocked at the that Robert goes over with the bloke he's just met. Aaron later looks devastated.
(Only scripting from when Aaron approaches)
Aaron: 'You don't do gay bars.'
Robert: 'Yeah, it's my new thing.'
Aaron: 'Only if you bring at least five girls with you.'
Robert: 'It's part of the bisexual contract. You don't get your licence without it.'
Aaron: 'It's already been denied, mate. Crimes against dancing.'
Robert: 'That's a bit rich coming from you.'
Aaron: 'I don't make the rules. Look, erm, I'm sorry about yesterday.'
Robert: 'Where's Alex?'
Aaron: 'He's gone.'
Mike: 'You ready?'
Robert: 'Yeah. Erm... Mike, Aaron. Aaron, Mike.'
Aaron: 'You all right?'
Mike: 'Hey.'
Robert: 'We were just going, so... Er, you have a good night, yeah?'  
Aaron: 'Yeah.'

Aaron and Robert clearly just need each other with Aaron and Robert not liking the fact of each other being in different relationship!

Back in the club, Victoria has a go at Aaron telling him Robert has gone which leaves Aaron completely gutted. Poor Aaron, I really do hate seeing him broken hearted.
Vic: 'Oi! What are you playing at? Why did you bring Alex?'
Aaron: 'What? I didn't, he just turned up. If you're looking for Robert, he's already left with that Mike bloke.'
Bernice: 'Mike the chef?' (girls are getting thrown out of the club)
Vanessa: 'Oh, hang on, we're missing Robert!'
Aaron: 'Nah, he pulled.'
Vanessa: 'Oh, nice one. Good for him.'

Later, back in The Woolpack Aaron arrives and sits at the table where Paddy is and Paddy starts talking to Aaron about his night and where he has been. Where Aaron looks at he's phone before admitting to Paddy that he want after Robert when Robert took him to a gay club which Paddy isn't shocked to hear.
Paddy: 'Where did you get to?'
Aaron: 'Just town for a few.' (part scene with Paddy talking to Chas about her birthday present)
Paddy: 'Oh, you think you could maybe ask Alex to pop over and see me?'   
Aaron: 'No.'
Paddy: 'Thanks very much. Don't put yourself out.'
Aaron: 'I finished with him.'
Paddy: 'You what? When?'
Aaron: 'Earlier.'
Paddy: 'What happened earlier?'               
Aaron: 'Vic and Bernice took Robert out to try and find him a new bloke.'
Paddy: 'Right. hang on a minute, go back a bit. What's that got to do with anything?'
Aaron: 'I went to find them. Because, erm, I kind of wanted to stop it happening.'
Paddy: 'Aaron, you -'
Aaron: 'Chill out. Save your breath. I was too late.'

After a few moments, Aaron is seen walking down the street where he stops and stares at The Garage in which is stops and heads into and seeing that once inside Robert is in there and Robert telling him that he couldn't do it with the other bloke and that he just got a taxi back was just beautifully added in by Maxine, I cried.
Aaron: 'I thought you were robbing the place.'
Robert: 'Sorry.'
Aaron: 'What are you doing?'
Robert: 'Um, I was just gonna drink this.'
Aaron: 'You okay? Did something happen with that bloke?'
Robert: 'I couldn't do it. Turns out I just want to be faithful to you. Even though it doesn't count. Sorry. Forget I said that.'
Aaron: 'So, you didn't go back to his, then?'
Robert: 'No, I got a taxi back here instead. Seemed like a good idea at the time.'
Aaron: 'To do what?'
Robert: 'I don't know.'
Aaron: 'I might have come here myself last night for five minutes. Yesterday was hard for me too, you know. I'm sorry I made out it wasn't.'
Robert: 'Just... I wanted to remember what it was like.'
Aaron: 'To be happy?'
Robert: (after a bit of silence) 'Alex is moving in. That's, erm... That's brilliant, Aaron.'
Aaron: 'Only cos his boiler bust.'
Robert: 'Well, won't he be worrying where you are?'
Aaron: ' I doubt it. I finished it with him.'
Robert: 'You... you what?'
Aaron: 'I ended it.'
Robert: 'Why?'
Aaron: 'Cos I still want you.'

Aaron telling Robert that he had finished with Alex when he asked and Aaron saying 'I Still Want You' - I was a emotional wreck my heart was racing. I never realised how much I missed them until tonight. Their chemistry is unreal.

Final quarter of the episode was set back in the garage - Aaron is honest with Robert, he's scared.
I absolutely loved what Robert said to Aaron 'Of course, I want you, you idiot' - this made the tears streaming down my face.
With Aaron then admitting that he loves Robert which was just incredible and beautifully touching. I was struggling to cope with that line as the tears streamed down my face.
Robert: 'This is exactly why we're supposed to keep away from each other, Aaron. You're gonna make another mistake.'
Aaron: 'It's not a mistake. Valentine's wasn't either. I was gonna break up with him, and then all that stuff happened with work and I just bottled it.'
Robert: 'Cos of his work?'
Aaron: 'Yeah. And because I'm not gonna lie. Robert, the way I feel about you is scary. I'm sick and tired of trying to ignore it. Feeling like something's missing. It's too hard. I can't do it any more.'
Robert: 'You're just upset over Alex.'
Aaron: 'No, I'm not. I'm... I'm relieved.'
Robert: 'You haven't even given it long enough, Aaron. You chose him for a reason.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, but for the wrong reasons. I thought it'd help me get past you and it didn't. It just made me want you more.'
Robert: 'Well, then try someone else.'
Aaron: 'I don't want anyone else.'
Robert: 'I hurt you.'
Aaron: 'I forgave you, didn't I?'
Robert: 'Yeah, and it made you ill.'
Aaron: 'That's because I bottle stuff up. That's not your fault.'
Robert: 'Aaron, everything was my fault.'
Aaron: 'I messed up too.'
Robert: 'You just said you're scared of being with me.'
Aaron: 'No. No, I... I meant I was scared how much I love you. And knowing that I might've lost you for good. You know what, if you don't feel the same any more, if you... If you don't want me, then... I get it.'
Robert: Of course I want you, you idiot. I want you more than anything.'

Copyright ITV

Back in The Garage, Robert and Aaron are still talking whilst they are sat down mentioning the wedding and holding each others hands means everything. Just can't believe Robert pulled away from Aaron's kiss just he was protecting his own feelings but once Robert explained why it was perfectly understandable because Aaron left him and it left him heart broken.
Robert: 'Do you really think that you could trust me?'
Aaron: 'If you can be faithful.'
Robert: 'I can. I know I can. (Aaron takes his hand, they are quiet for a moment) But Seb... Seb will always be that reminder, though. You might resent him.'
Aaron: 'Do you think I would? Cos of all that stuff I said?'
Robert: 'You were only being honest.'
Aaron: 'I'm not proud of who I was then.'
Robert: 'I was just as bad.'
Aaron: 'Gordon resented me. I would never ever... I could never be like that with any kid, especially yours. That's the way I see it now. It's... That's your little boy.'
Robert: 'Do you mean that?'
Aaron: 'Give me a chance and I'll show you.'
Robert: 'I'd never force him on you.'
Aaron: 'You wouldn't have to.'
Robert: 'What about Rebecca? She'll be around.'
Aaron: 'I'll handle it. She didn't break us up, Robert, we did. By not talking about stuff and... that's how I ended up in prison and that's why we've ended up here now.'
Robert: 'I'm... I'm done. I'm done lying. I'm done... I'm done keeping secrets. I'm done hurting people.'
Aaron: 'Then we keep talking. Yeah? We work it out. Together, yeah?' (leans in)
Robert: 'No. I can't. Aaron, I'm sorry. I want to, but I can't.' (gets up)
Aaron: 'No, Robert, hang on. Robert, at least tell me why.'
Robert: 'Because you left me. And I know you had to and I know I didn't deserve you but you... you left me. And I lost my... I lost my husband, I lost my best friend and I lost my home and it's too much.'
Aaron: 'I know and I'm sorry.'
Robert: 'Aaron, you've got nothing to be sorry for. It's me. I'm the disaster. And you're all better now and you're strong and you think you want me but... you'll figure it out. You'll realise that I'm still a terrible person and you'll go. (cups his face) Aaron. I think I'd rather never have you back than lose you again. I'm sorry.'

Robert mentioning Seb and Aaron understanding whilst later bring Gordon up was just so thought about by Maxine how honest Robert and Aaron were being was just a credit to the fabulous writing.
Aaron and Robert are still very obviously in love with one another which is incredibly moving even after everything they have been through.
The honesty we saw from Robert whilst explaining why he couldn’t let Aaron kiss was just brutal but I loved how Robert had the guts to be truthful. The emotion was real and perfectly acted by Ryan Hawley.

Copyright ITV

Last scene of the episode, Aaron is alone in the garage and storms round to Robert's which Aaron doors on the door about to walk away Robert opens the door up where Aaron talks to him opening up about how he feels - Robert smiles because of Aaron's words. Which quickly leads to Aaron and Robert getting back together after Aaron asks the question 'Will You Come Home With Me?' - super beautiful and incredible wording from another of Maxine's scripts.

(Robert is at home, To Make You Feel My Love is playing, Aaron knocks on the door, Robert hesitates, Aaron almost leaves again, Robert opens the door)
Aaron: 'You just shut your mouth for one minute. Let me say something, right? You are a disaster. You're smug and you're arrogant and you're cocky, you've got terrible taste in music and you dance worse than Paddy and that's saying something. But I've got nothing to figure out, okay? I know you. I know exactly what I'm getting myself into. And you've tried so hard for me, for the people you love, and not everybody sees that but I do. You got me to talk about Gordon. And then you listened to me. And you got me through the impossible. Liv, Liv, my little sister, you found her. You found my little sister. You. And even though she drove you nuts and she reported you to the police, you took her in as if she was your own. You saved my life. You got me out of that car in that water and you saved my life. You planned this mental wedding. You built us a home and you got me out of prison early. And then you told me the truth about Rebecca instead of trying to hide it. And then you stepped up for your son and you fought for him and you loved him and you loved me. You loved me like nobody ever has before. So please, Robert, will you... Will you just come home with me? And let me help you this time. - Well, go on. You can talk.'                
Robert: 'I'm actually a really good dancer. Course I'll come home with you. I love you so much. (KISS AND HUG) Can you hear that?'
Aaron: 'What?'
Robert: 'It's our song.'
Aaron: 'We don't... We don't have a song.'
Robert: 'We do.'
Aaron: 'Do you want to get dumped again?'
Robert: 'We definitely don't have a song. I missed you, Mr Sugden.'
Aaron: 'Mr Dingle.'
Robert: 'Yeah?'
Aaron: 'Shut up.' (KISS and shove and holding hands while walking down the streets to definitely not their song like the power couple they are)

'I've missed you, Mr Sugden.' - Robert to Aaron
'Mr Dingle. - Aaron to Robert

The final scene the acting from Danny was very moving and I loved the honesty from Aaron with how he FINALLY feels, I was emotional and very moved but the clever use of Adele’s Make You Feel My Love being played in the background was PERFECT! Thank you for every single piece of detail, Maxine. I am so emotionally drained from this episode!

Thank you's
Tonight's episode was just incredible and acted beautifully by Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley with them knowing their characters inside and out you know they were gonna do it so much justice. Maxine Alderton with her as ever beautifully, fabulous and incredible script. With Maxine being a massive Robron fan - the magic within her writing shines through in her scripts which is just beautiful.
Steven Flynn you have been great even though I haven't liked Alex because he got in the way of Robron. Steven you have played the role amazingly.

Maxine's episode was brilliantly written and the LGBT reputation was wonderful with the friendship from the all the characters involved tonight. The episode represented true feelings from Aaron and Robert. The humour and the uplifting scenes written very clearly but Maxine are just a credit to her sensational writing! THANK YOU MAXINE!!

You can enjoy the scenes again if you want here


*Knowing that the episode was watched by 5.8 million people is just amazing!*

Written by Kellie x


  1. Hiya I loved your blog and loved reading it thankyou for sharing it with us x

  2. Loved reading this back Agree it was a fantastic episode Exactly what we wanted Ryan and Danny are just brilliant! Thanks for writing this I'm still beaming ;)

    1. Thank you for your comment and I am glad you enjoyed my writing and the episode in general.

  3. This was fun to read it's like you have said everything I thought about the show apart from I might have scraped more at the to the first time I watched it 😂 You are also so right about the writing and acting in this episode x

    1. Anais, thank you for your comment I'm glad you thought my writing was good. What an episode, it was.

  4. Fantastic writing and acting throughout this episode

    1. Thank you for your comment. Glad you enjoyed.


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