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Having written this post back in October but haven't shared it yet so today I thought it would be the perfect time ahead of their performance at C2C 2018.
On Saturday 7th October, The Adelaides performed for the first time as a Country Music Act at London's first Country Music Week's Daytime Hub at The Borderline, and what a set of performances it was from the girls.

(Please note that the songs are not in order, it's just how I remembered them!)

Jack Daniel's was my second favourite of theirs and it was beautiful super catchy that give me so many country feels. I love the fact that Paris, Alicia and Abi all started Jack Daniel's together was beautifully arranged. Jack Daniel's gave Alicia the perfect opportunity to be the first of the group to sing solo, it suited Alicia's tone very much. Abi was the next band member to get her chance to shine with a solo was fabulous and with her soft vocal range was lovely, this finally led to Paris having her moment and it was beautiful. The audience were joining in with the chorus and Abi's face was incredible (looked very emotional) followed by Alicia and Paris' faces beaming with pride. It was seen by the audience that Abi, Alicia and Paris were having so much fun on-stage, the audience loved it (I know I did)!
What Your Heart Would Say was an emotional song for me with the lyrics. Loved that you could feel every word that the girls were singing. The audience were very engaged throughout were was fabulous as no one had ever seen them perform as a band! The girls harmonies were beautiful and they allowed each other to have there moment to shine. Paris and Abi on their guitars was wonderful, very talented guitarists.
Jelly Baby was a very funky upbeat song. Abi started this song of with her beautiful tone and great guitar playing. Once all girls were singing it was magical and took you to a completely different world. Paris then getting her moment to shine was beautiful her tone is so sweet and soft. The fact the audience got involved with clapping thanks to Paris starting us all off. Alicia higher vocals were shone throughout.
Reckless had a guitar solo to start Paris started with Alicia and Abi doing the harmonies. The girls were invested emotionally within the chorus and it showed within their gorgeous vocals. Alicia vocals after the chorus were breath-taking and I remember feeling very emotional for the rest of this song. We definitely got to hear the vulnerable side of these girls and it was emotionally stunning. Everyone in the room was engaged with them throughout. Dare I say it Reckless is my favourite!
Next up was a cover of Maren Morris'
My Church was a sing that the audience were all singing along to and Paris, Alicia and Abi were loving it (their facial expressions showed it!) The girls all started the song of together which was stunning, harmonies were on point! Abi was the first to sing solo followed by Paris, this lead into the chorus with Alicia singing first after and her vocal range showed through. Paris, Abi, and Alicia were loving this moment on the stage so glad I witnessed this!
I'll Do It Again started off with Paris singing a solo which was beautiful with Abi sooner taking over also beautiful, this then lead onto all three girls sung a line leading up the chorus which was emotionally stunning and the chorus' lyrics were very emotional for the girls this shone through every time they sung them. The fact that Alicia, Abi and Paris allow each other certain moments to shine is incredible and was beautiful to watch.
Next up was a cover from Nashville Sanctuary was stand out moment for me with Abi starting the song in such a soft tone with Paris and Alicia joining in on the chorus. They shone and was such an emotional performance for me! You took also tell that the girls were emotional invested within the song which made us as an audience invest in them. The harmonies from Alicia, Abi and Paris were perfect and the cheer they received at the end was just beautiful with the looks on their faces saying a thousand words.
No Survivor's
is a song that Abi started off with her wonderful guitar skills weren't long before the girls started on their harmonies which led to Paris' solo. The chorus vocals were on fire and emotional you could feel every word they were singing. Alicia's solo was perfect and her higher sounding vocals work so well with Abi and Paris' softer sound. The chorus was very catchy and one I felt myself wanting to sing along too. The audience once again were emotional involved and loved their fabulous story telling.

Videos of the songs are here for you to watch.

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Review by Kellie x