Happy Thursday!

Last Friday (2nd February), Liv Austen released her new single ‘Don’t Regret A Single One‘ and here is our review (sorry it’s 6 days late!)

Don't Regret A Single One starts with really rocky that quickly turning funky. With wonderful lyrics you can't help but love the instrumentals throughout the song.

The chorus is rather catchy and you can't help but sing along from the start (or is that just me?).
Liv's incredible vocal range is clearly demonstrated but with wonderful and meaningful lyrics - how can you not?
Love that Liv mentions about taking chances in relationships and leaving if you are unhappy!

The second verse is what seems to be about the sad part of the relationship with it seeming to be about the breakdown. Liv is lyrical very clear and knows exactly what to add it make you think and relate. Love it, Liv!

The bridge is beautiful and Liv's higher vocal range is just beautiful perfectly suited to the song and choices the perfect time to show it off.

Liv is definitely an artist who thinks about her vocal range and what she wants to get out of the song when she releasing her music!

You can buy Don’t Regret A Single One here

You can watch Liv's video for Don't Regret A Single One here

Review by Kellie