Happy Wednesday!

'There is something about Molly that is so rare and unique.' - BringCountry2UK

Molly Anne is a UK based singer and song-writer who this Friday (9th February) is releasing her debut EP 'Glow' which features 3 songs that Molly-Anne has written and sung. The EP was recorded/ produced by Andy Guy at Doghouse Studio.

Glow is a summery song and with the drum and guitar used these work hand in hand and set the tone for the song, cleverly thought about. Right from the start I caught myself dancing along whilst thinking of lovely summer memories. Glow takes you into a different world throughout and songs that can do this are just incredible! With a fabulous use of vocal range and magical lyrics you get a holiday vibe.
Corona Del Mar has a good use of instruments to start that gives you an instant summery vibe and makes you wanna go and book a holiday. The backing track is soft and with Molly-Anne's vocals being soft this works so well. The lyrics are very thought about and you catch yourself singing along with the chorus - super catchy. Corona Del Mar seems to be about a holiday romance and songs like this that you can hear every mention are super magical, well done Molly-Anne. Molly demonstrates a great use of tone within her voice on this song.
Young Fever is a song that gets you thinking right from the start. The guitar solo to start is wonderful with Molly Anne's softer vocals works beautifully together throughout the song. Near the end of Young Fever you can't but start swaying along too. Young Fever is a song that most definitely gets me thinking about my younger self and makes you think about everything you did, how magical. I was blown away by Young Fever, I am very excited to hear for others to hear this song. Ever in a doubt about yourself just listen to this song and it will sure sort you out (in a good way!)

'This EP is one of a summery day road trip. Molly-Anne's vocals are something else.'

Review by Kellie