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Welcome to one blog, I always hoped I would be writing but never did I think it would happen after 12 years! LOUISA LYTTON IS COMING BACK TO EASTENDERS AS RUBY ALLEN!!

Yesterday (18th July), it was announced that Louisa Lytton would be returning to EastEnders after 12 years to play Ruby Allen once again.
Everyone who knows me knows how much I loved Ruby growing up as for me she was such a relatable character and her friendship with Stacey Slater was one of my favourites the soap has ever done.

Louisa joined the cast in March 2005 for her first stint which latest 18 months before she left in November 2006 after what was an eventful time for 'Ruby' after running away from boarding school (which was the reason for Ruby's arrival) then her friendship with Stacey Slater starting off straight away this lead to so many wonderful and fun scenes between Ruby and Stacey. Ruby also had many amazing storylines from almost being run over by Tina Stewart's taxi to Jonny pushing Ruby away after that had a row in which Jonny informed his daughter that he was actually wanting to save her sister, Scarlet and his mum, Stephanie more than Ruby. I remember the emotion in this scene so well.
The more Ruby's story want on the more we saw of her relationship with Jonny or what little of it there was!
But the one thing you can't forgot about Ruby's relationship with Sean Slater and one that didn't go down well with her best friend Stacey because they were always on and off but he was always there for her even though even though they never didn't work out in the end which caused the reason for Ruby leaving.

Ruby was also a millionaire and the one who sent her dad, Johnny to jail. But sadly Ruby was the victim of Phil's cruellest scheme because of her father. And you think the Mitchell's are bad at keeping secrets, Ruby was the keeper of some very sad and bad secrets during her time on the Square.

You can't forget those about how cruel she was to Stacey's mum Jean and how she left on bad terms with Stacey, will Ruby's return after all this time be because of this?

What Louisa said about returning: "EastEnders was my first acting job out of drama school and opened so many doors for me. It’s wonderful to be given the opportunity to come back and explore my character and I’m excited to see what’s in store for Ruby. We last saw her twelve years ago as a young girl and now she is returning as a woman with scope for major change and some brilliantly challenging storylines."

I loved what EastEnders show boss John Yorke said about Louisa's return: "Louisa is a fantastic actress and I am delighted that she is returning to EastEnders. Now twelve years older, viewers will see a much more mature and confident Ruby who is set to be involved in one of our biggest storylines later this year."

I am very excited to see what Ruby Allen is like 12 years on and how she has changed. Will her friendship with Stacey be able to be repaired or is it too late for them?
BUT the biggest question we have is WHY IS RUBY RETURNING?

Ruby will be returning in the Autumn, so we don't have long to wait.

Written by Kellie x