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I was very kindly recently send Southern Halo’s debut album Just Like In The Movies to review. Just Like In The Movies features 14 songs and will be released on Friday 27th April.

You can read my interview with the girls here.

Southern Halo is such a stunningly beautiful song from the girls with a beautiful bass backing. Southern Halo allows their harmonies to shine throughout. The perfect song to open their debut album up with. Natalia's solo vocals are beautiful alongside Hannah and Christina duo vocals are wonderful. I love how Christina, Hannah and Natalia's vocals complement each other so well - there is something rather special about these girls. The lyrics within the chorus are so fun and based on growing up. I love the Natalia's guitar playing, Hannah's bass playing and Christina's drumming was magical and bought the song to life.

My Girls & Me opens up with funky bass playing from Hannah. Natalia's vocals are beautiful and I love how this song is very different from the first, the girls aren't afraid to stand out. The lyrics are so meaningful and fun showing a different side to their song-writing. The second verse is my favourite because of the lyrics being so open and honest! Great use from all the girls of their instruments throughout.

Notice Me starts with a guitar backing from Natalia with vocals going straight in from all the girls and it show cases Natalia, Hannah and Christina's stunning harmonies well before Natalia takes over on solo vocals. I love the lyrics within the lyrics they are magical and super honest sometimes all us at some point have been through in our lives. Notice Me is one song that I have very excited about getting to hear live. Notice Me is second favourite of this album. I adore it!

I Think Too Much is my favourite song of the album. Natalia's vocals start straight off in one this one with the instruments coming after (such a great feel to it!) The lyrics are so fun yet super honest especially the chorus being so open. You can tell I Think Too Much is based on a past experience had by the girls and songs like this are just incredible - these girls are so passionate about what they do. I Think Too Much is one song you can't help but relate too at some point. I Think Too Much is a perfect road trip anthem.

Tom Girl has a very different feel to it - very simply with lower tone of the instrumentals. Natalia's stunning vocals start the song off in a softer tone before Hannah and Christina join in with their super upbeat vocals also bringing their stunningly wonderful harmonies with them. You can't help but found yourself singing along with the chorus. Throughout Tom Girl you can hear how passionate they are about not just the song but the lyrics too. Thank you girls for such a stunning song, another great write Natalia. In Tom Girl, you really get to know Hannah, Christina and Natalia which is sensational.

Anything Is Possible is starts with simply intro which starts with song of beautifully and with the beat soon kicking in with Natalia on guitar and Hannah on bass with Christina on drums. Natalia's vocals start the song off which are amazing as always and with Hannah and Christina joining in half way through and for the chorus. The chorus is very catchy and I caught myself singing along with magical lyrics I am not surprised. You can create your own story from the lyrics. The song-writing from Catt Gravitt and Carl Falk is beautiful and it I love how passionate Natalia, Hannah and Christina are about the lyrics. The second is super catchy and all the girls have a chance to say their vocals with their harmonies which are perfect! Natalia, Hannah and Christina show off their fabulous vocal range throughout and I love that! Hannah, Christina and Natalia voices work so wonderfully well together. These girls deserve so much and I am glad people are finally being able to hear their stunning vocals.

Not Today is slower sounding song. Natalia's softer vocals are incredible. I love that in the chorus the girls harmonies are beautiful and really know how to blend their voices the way that Hannah and Christina add supporting vocals is wonderful and the way that Natalia lets them have their moment too just goes to show what an incredible bond they have as sisters. The lyrics within Not Today are so cleverly put together by Natalia. The chorus made me shed a little tear because it's super honest! Not Today is such a stunningly beautiful song.

Missing Mississippi is a slower sounding backing with softer instrumentals supporting Natalia's vocals were are so much softer. The lyrics get you thinking about your home life and got me thinking about what the next chapter in my life is gonna take me! The second chorus is super beautiful reminding you of the summer and memories we make with our friends, such a super inspirational song! I can't wait to see this in the summer whilst on a road trip, it's perfect! Love it when all three of the girls join in - their bond is special and I love that they get to share it within their music.

Famous has a very jazzy rocky feel to it yet when Natalia's vocals join it turns very quirky. The chorus is very catchy and you feel like singing from the first line. I love Hannah's bass guitar throughout and it stands out from the off. Once again the lyrics have been very thought about the girls have had so much fun with this song and I adore it - and it shows! One of my favourites of the album!

Gettin’ Back Up has a in the middle vibe not to softer yet not high vocals from Natalia to start with just the guitar in the background. Gettin' Back up has such a wonderful and very catchy chorus. The first verse got me thinking of a bad experience I had as a child but this song made me realise why I got back up. Gettin' Back Up is definitely one that will get you thinking and adore the fact that Natalia, Hannah and Christina aren't afraid to sing songs like this! Anyone going through a tough times needs to listen to Gettin' Back Up and it will inspire them to get back up!

Hey Boy has such a tom boy kind of feel to it before the girls vocals join. The chorus is very rocky and gives the girls the opportunity to show off their vocals together in a different way. The chorus is super catchy and I felt myself joining in. The song is very receptive but it makes the song understand out on the album.

Coming Home has an upbeat feel with Natalia starting the song off wonderfully. Coming Home gets you thinking from the first line. Natalia, Hannah and Christina are very passionate about Coming Home and it shows through their stunning vocals. The second verse bought a little tear to my eye got me thinking about my home life and growing up. The chorus is emotional and I know I say this a lot by songs like this that are very honest are rather beautiful and unique. My favourite song of this album!

It’s Always Been You has a slower sounding drumming from Christina and guitar from Hannah in the backing with Natalia's vocals which are incredible. Every word is incredible and is making me cry- the lyrics are stunning and one that everyone can relate too one way or another. The first and second verse especially ahead of the chorus allowing Natalia, Hannah and Christina to show off their vocals together. I love how catchy this song is and it will be perfect for a road trip in the summer.

Just Like In The Movies (Revised version) is super stripped back and I love it but just as incredible. It's been taken down a touch and it allows Natalia, Hannah and Christina vocals to shine even more stripped back.

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