Happy Wednesday!

I am very excited to have been given this wonderful opportunity to review The Shires new album 'Accidently On Purpose' which is out for release THIS FRIDAY (20th April). Accidently On Purpose is made up of 12 tracks.

The Hard Way is a brilliant song to start the album with especially with the quirkiness the song gives off from the start. Ben starting the song off with his crisp vocals and Crissie moments later giving with her softer vocals there is something so magical about their vocals when they come together like they do in the chorus. The Hard Way is a very relatable song especially as everyone had some point in their life as been apart of what they are singing about.
My favourite part of The Hard Way is the chorus because of it's very catchy lyrics and you feel yourself singing along.

Echo is very much a different sounding song from what I was expecting yet it is amazing. I love how much thought has gone into the lyrics and when to add the Echo's in. The chorus is once again super catchy and I love that Echo actually has Echo's throughout which makes the song very different yet wonderful. Ben's oh, oh's are in exactly the right places and the quick but sharp ending worked.

Guilty is my favourite of the album because it's so fun and you catch yourself singing to it whether you are happy or sad - songs like this are very rare and equally magical. Crissie starting the song of perfect with her higher sounding vocals but I love how Ben supports her before they both sing the chorus before the roles are reversed with Ben singing and Crissie supporting him. The chorus is so catchy and very fun - one of the dancefloors in a club for sure. The instrumentals used take Guilty to another incredible level. Perfect road trip song for sure!

Sleepwalk is a softer sounding song with quieter instrumentals. Ben's vocals in the first verse which he has to himself are soft which I love the fact that he got the chance to demonstrate. Crissie's vocals in the second verse are a little higher than what we are used too but Crissie showing this side to her voice is incredible. Love that Ben and Crissie both sing the chorus together and show off their harmonies. I adore Crissie's vocals throughout Sleepwalk.

Accidently On Purpose is one of my favourites of the album. Accidently On Purpose is a song that gets you thinking - songs like this are magical. Crissie starts with song of with her soft vocals before Ben joins her. The chorus is so magical and the message you get throughout the song that it's ok to miss things at times and feeling in love is ok. Crissie and Ben's harmonies are just incredible. Accidently On Purpose is a song that you can't help but love and catch yourself singing along too!

Stay The Night uses a softer backing instrumental which suits Ben vocals which gets the song off to a good start before Crissie joins in on the chorus. Stay The Night is a song that gets you thinking about every relationship you have been in good and bad. With Crissie singing the second verse is perfect because you can definitely tell the verse is from a females perspective. Once again Crissie and Ben shine with their wonderful harmonies.

Ahead Of The Storm has a simply intro with just a guitar but you can feel a times it feels very dark like it would in a storm (love that they have thought about every little detail). Ahead Of The Storm is very catchy right from the start. With Ben and Crissie duo vocals from the second line it takes the song to a very different level (in good way!). I love that Crissie and Ben have made this song very different with their agreement and it's very different which I love the fact they wasn't afraid to do it this way alongside the fact their voices work accompany each other so incredibly well.

Speechless has a piano instrumental to start before Crissie starts the song off which I wasn't expecting. But I love how Crissie contacted with every word she was singing and this made me very emotional. I love how Speechless seems a very personal song. Ben singing the second verse bought the song into sounding very emotional. The fact that Ben and Crissie sing the chorus together is rather special and the fact they both let each other's vocals shine through.

River Of Love is an upbeat song which Ben has a solo to start before Crissie joins in on the chorus. The lyrics of the chorus are so honest and super fun. River Of Love is one song that gets you thinking.
Crissie has a solo in the second verse which is stunning and once Ben joins in on the chorus the song takes full affect! This song demonstrates the many style of songs they have on this album and their growth!

Strangers has a little slower pace to it throughout which I adore. Crissie's softer vocals start the song off and suits the lyrics so much. Strangers is incredible and made me cry because the lyrics are stunning and Crissie's vocals are something else. Ben sings the second verse which suits the song. Crissie and Ben's vocals in the chorus are rather special and their vocals complement each other so well. Everyone will be able to relate to this song one way or another.

World Without You has a simple tune which strips the song back. The chorus is amazing allowing Ben and Crissie's vocals to be a little softer and lets them have a little fun. World Without You is definitely one that if it was on the radio you couldn't help but get up and dance too! World Without You gives me such a wedding feel especially for a first dance. World Without You is also definitely a song that gets you thinking about family and our lives.

Loving You Too Long is brilliant song to end the album on. Loving You Too Long has stunning piano solo to start before Crissie's vocals start the song off with such a beautiful softer sound which sounds stunning. I love the harmonies from Ben and Crissie in the chorus with the lyrics being so incredibly beautiful. Ben sings the second verse solo which allows his voice to shine. You would expect this to be a typical love song but Crissie and Ben have managed to turn this into something so beautiful with a wonderful message.

Throughout the whole album, Crissie and Ben's harmonies are wonderfully magical and blend so well and this album shows us how much they have grown over the past 4 years - Bring Country 2 UK

Review by Kellie