Yesterday afternoon at C2C, I managed to catch Liv Austen who's an artist I have wanted to see for the past 18 months and I am so grateful that I managed to make it happen yesterday! Liv performed on The Big Entrance Stage and what an amazing set it was.

Photo by Me

Liv opened her set with Miss No Body which for me was a song I had never heard but I loved and the lyrics were wonderful and with the lyrics it allows you to think of your own story - songs that allow us to do this are magical. Liv showed a great range of vocal skill. The second song from Liv performed was Enough For Me which was another new song to me (I feel like a bad fan saying this, sorry Liv.) made me very emotional but I loved it - the audience did too and this was shone within their respect for the song. The third song was called Train Of Thought which was my favourite from her set. The audience were just listening to the lyrics and allowing Liv to just sing this song and Liv definitely appreciates her audience in the way she always finds the suitable time to wave to the audience. The fourth song was another new one called Same Story which today became a favourite for the lyrics which are just stunning and when Liv explained the song it showed a very different side to Liv's song-writing which was incredible.
The fact that Liv said that the lady who wrote this song Beth, who at the time was standing right beside me with her parents/ friend and the level of the audience just went up a level during The Next Time and the energy at the end was incredible and the fact everyone in the audience was singing along I was crying. The fact that Liv asked for audience participation was amazing and one everyone took part in and it was a moment all artist dream of! I'm so proud of Liv and the journey that The Next Time has taken me on since the release last year. Thank you Beth for letting Liv have this song.
The second from last song was a new one called Whole Heart which was stunning and another one the audience just let Liv sing and the emotions you could feel in her performance was wonderful and you realised how much the song meant to Liv. Liv's reaction to the audience was wonderful.
The fact that Liv for me saved her best song until the end with Don't Regret A Single One I was singing along from start to finish. Liv's vocals were flawless and the amount of support this song has given everyone shone throughout.

The moment, I met Liv after her set was amazing and when Liv recognised me was incredible! I was speechless (that never happens)

Review by Kellie x