Last weekend at C2C, I managed to catch the insanely talented U.S. singer Danielle Bradbery when she was performing on The Radio 2 stage in the Indigo and how incredible was Danielle.
Having been a fan of Danielle since her The Voice days in 2013, what a journey Danielle has been on and one that she has taken her time with.

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Danielle opened her set with Can't Stay Mad which is a song that has been a grower for me and how that the audience loved. Danielle demonstrated a great use of vocal control and knew exactly what she wanted along with the audience which just goes to show what an incredible artist, Danielle is!
Danielle's second song was What Are We Doin? which happens to be one my favourites of her new ones on the album. The fact that the audience were listening to every word and letting Danielle have her moment was beautiful.
Danielle got a few moments to talk about getting given songs and the difference in the process before she started singing Hello Summer is one of my new favourites. I loved that were I was seating people were singing along and it comes to show how many people appreciate her songs. Hello Summer has connected with me endless amounts and the fact I got the opportunity to tell Danielle this after her set I was crying.
Danielle once again spoke about the writing process for Human Diary and when Danielle sung this I was nearly in tears. The people in the seats were I was were singing/ dancing and I loved that everyone was appreciating the lyrics and everyone seems to be able to connect. Thank you for writing this song, Danielle.
Danielle again spoke to the audience about how the UK listens to the lyrics and how we appreciate them differently to America.
The second from last song, Danielle performed was Sway in which Danielle determined a great range of softer vocals which made the song incredible. The crowd were just singing along the fact Danielle was nearly moved to tears when everyone at the Indigo sung the last chorus back to her - I shed a little tear.
Danielle closed her set with her current single Worth it and the message behind it is amazing and everyone has the own story behind it to tell. Danielle's vocals were flawless and hearing Danielle's higher vocals were amazing.

The acoustics within the Indigo were just incredible and made Danielle's set even more wonderful than her vocals already did!

Can't wait for the day, Danielle does her first headline gig in the UK!

Review by Kellie x


  1. What a beautiful review! So happy you enjoyed Danielle! I only hope and pray for her to get the attention she so rightly deserves!

    1. Hey, Thank you for reading and saying you liked my review. I've been a fan of her for 5 years so seeing her in the UK was just incredible.


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