Yesterday I was at C2C and I managed to catch U.S. singer Lindsay Ell who was performing in the UK for the first time as part of the NY-LON sessions and what a set it was from Lindsay.

Photo by Me

Lindsay started her set with a little talk then went straight into her first song Wildfire which is one of my favourite songs Lindsay vocals were wonderful with Lindsay showing her fabulous guitar skills at the end. The second song, Lindsay performed was Castle which made me very emotional as the message I get from the song and with Lindsay's softer vocals and much softer sound. The chorus of Castle is so catchy and one the audience really wanted to sing with the people around me singing it quietly due to filming taking part. Lindsay's third song was Waiting On You I was wonderfully happy when the guitar tune started for Waiting On You because it's my favourite song of the album, it was another song that made me emotional again. The crowd really enjoyed this and were quietly singing along. The fourth song from Lindsay was Champagne is one of those song that has been a grower on me but hearing it live was fabulous and Lindsay sung every word with emotion and the audience really appreciated Lindsay performing the song as she did. This performance will stuck with me for a while. Then, Lindsay sung a song from her album 'The Project' called Mint which has become a new favourite of mine. Lindsay's vocals were sensational and I loved that Lindsay appreciates the audiences and I loved how the lyrics made me smile. The second from last song from Lindsay was Space which started with a stunningly beautiful guitar intro. Kind of slower pace but soon kicked in with the rocky-ness. Lindsay once again showcased to us all her incredible guitar skills (how can you play that fast?)
Lindsay ended her NY-LON set with her single Criminal and witnessing Lindsay's performance of this song was INCREDIBLE and her serious guitar skills were showcased.
Lindsay all the way through her set she was as close to the audience as she could get, the audience really appreciated Lindsay's times which she did this and the audience really enjoyed her performance.

Review by Kellie x