In tonight's episode of EastEnders, viewers saw the continuing drama of Hunter Owen ready to cause drama demanded to get revenge on Jack Branning, whilst Bianca Jackson heard some home truths from Sonia Fowler and Keanu Taylor said goodbye to his brother, Keegan Taylor.

In tonight's first scene of the episode, viewers saw party goers in The Vic where Hunter Owen entered and stared at Jack Branning who was in the pub celebrating before making his way into the cellar.

Moments later, Lisa Fowler and Phil Mitchell are seen walking into the square where they bump into Sharon Rickman whilst, Phil bumped into his son, Ben Mitchell who after the Keanu Taylor/ Ben Mitchell showdown in Tuesday's episode its no wonder, Ben was looking beaten up but it's Phil's reaction to hearing that Keanu is back that got me, however the moment when he demanded Lisa Fowler contacted his daughter, Louise Mitchell grabbing her phone which was then dropped on the ground as Lisa tried to get her phone back.
Meanwhile, Louise Mitchell and Bex Fowler were in The Vic toilets catching up about their lives which leads to them both crying. Oh, I love Bex and Louise scenes, their friendship is so sweet.

Back inside The Vic, Mel Owen in seen talking to Max Branning whilst, Lola Pearce and Jay Mitchell were flirting with each other as Shirley Carter tells Mick that the barrel was empty, Hunter was seen getting all fired up.
Whilst, Mel Owen then enters Jack Branning's house where she sees Denise Fox laying on the floor unconscious leading to Mel ringing for an ambulance as she spies a broken frame containing a photo of Jack.

Halfway and his brother, Stuart Highway are in Dot Branning's house where they were seen talking about his wedding day and the situation he is in which led to Halfway storming out.

Back at the wedding reception, Lola Pearce was seen arguing with Jay Mitchell about the food that was on offer. Before, Bianca Jackson took to the microphone to talk to all the wedding guests about why her daughter, Whitney Dean didn't go through with her wedding, before telling Kat to come and do some karaoke with her on the stage.

Moments later back in the cellar, Linda Carter enters and is stopped in her tracks by Hunter which leaves Linda terrified and so it would for anyone.
With Hunter being more determined than ever to get the ultimate revenge on Jack Branning.

But tonight's scene that had me a little emotional when Keanu was seen chatting with his brother, Keegan telling him that he has to leave Albert Square but needs him to be the strong one for the family and they hug it out before Sharon then arrived.
In the next scene, Ben was seen leaving the car lot all drunk and spots Tiffany who is waiting for Keegan.

Moments later, back at the Taylor's flat that Keanu is talking to Sharon about what he did to Ben and Sharon then offered him money for Louise and the baby, before leading to them talking about Sharon's baby and remising about the old times which they shared had me annoyed but it's not long before Keanu brings up about his family and the fact that he misses his mum which made me emotional especially when he was looking at all his family memories on the unit.
Sharon then decides to offer Keanu a way out by offering him a way out of these whole mess, leading to Sharon confessing that she is scared.

Back in the cellar, Mick Carter enters who is looking for his wife, Linda where we see Mick talking to Hunter which is sees Linda be let go to back and get Jack from the bar.

However, amongst all the drama in The Vic, Sonia Fowler decides to give Bianca Jackson a reality check about what has really been going on with her daughter, Tiffany Dean who walked into the wedding reception with her boyfriend, Keegan Taylor but it's not long after this that Bianca decided to take her outside for a chat. Oh, I have missed Sonia and Bianca scenes.
Back in The Vic, Linda is looking frantically for Jack who is no-where to be seen.

At Halfway and Whitney's flat, Halfway enters shortly followed by Ben who is there to confront the one person he cares about most and you know what it was a beautifully simple scene.
Whilst, Stuart sees Whitney at the park seating on the swing drunk before Stuart was seen confronting Whitney about whether she hates his brother or not which led to Whitney telling Stuart that she could never hate her brother.

Back on the square, the paramedics arrive for Denise Fox whilst Mel and Lisa are seen talking about whether she is ok or not but it's not long before Lisa started worrying about her not being able to find her daughter, Louise and her fiancĂ©, Keanu.

Back in the cellar, Mick is still seen talking to Hunter whilst Linda is still searching for Jack outside of The Vic who enters the pub after Linda convinces him too, before not long before Mel stops him and Linda tells him about Hunter and the gun which he has with him. The camera quickly goes back into the cellar where Hunter and Mick are talking about panic attacks and life with a way to help him.
Jack later enters the cellar.

Meanwhile once again, back in Whitney and Halfway's flat, Ben and Halfway are seen on his bed talking to Ben when Whitney goes off on the wrong end of the stick.

With sirens going off in the square as the police arrive, Hunter soon turns even more violent with Jack as Mel, Mick and Linda are also in there it's not long before I was left shaking as the scenes intensified as things took a dramatic turn of events.
In the Vic, Bianca shouts to Tiffany about everything she has gone through. In the next scene, Whitney was seen taking to the microphone in a drunken state to her reception guests whilst Jack and others led their way through a packed Queen Vic where Keegan is then seen shouting out to everyone that Hunter has a gun leading to a lot of hysterics in the pub and rightly so like anyone would if you were terrified.

Outside in the square, Lisa sees Keanu who admits that he has just spoken to Louise who is in the Vic where Keanu suggests to Lisa that she goes and gets Louise from The Vic and meet him in The Mitchells, however as Lisa enters the Vic, she sees her daughter in a distressed state as Hunter is keeping everyone hostage before the gun was shot but who is in danger?
Hunter is really off the rails. But The Vic scenes tonight had me on the edge of my seat! Tomorrow's episode is going to be gripping and I am excited.

Tonight's episode was written by Lauren Klee and directed by Karl Neilson.

Everything about tonight's episode was perfect and a credit to Lauren's amazing script writing proper edge of the seating viewing!
Lauren's attention to detail is something I absoultely adore within her episodes and I am so glad tonight's was written by her.
EastEnders script writing, directors and everyone involved you made another incredible episode so thank you!

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x


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