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Welcome to a very different style blog with tonight's being my opinion on tonight's Charity Flash Back Episode. Tonight's episode is written by one of my favourite writers in Maxine Alderton. So I am expecting the most wonderful episode.

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When I first watched the spoiler Emmerdale released on Friday evening ahead of next week's I was feeling emotional because we are seeing this very different and more emotional side of Charity. The vulnerable of Charity is something I am not used to seeing when it comes to Charity but how fabulous is Emma Atkins with the emotional scenes!
Before the episode, I was feeling very nervous.

Opening the rather special flashback episode was Charity standing outside the pub of The Woolpack with Noah and Moses. What a beautiful family scene. I liked that Vanessa was keeping her eye on Charity from the window but I did adore the words Vanessa said to Charity. Charity and Harriet talking gets Charity thinking, a rather heart-breaking conversation was had between the pair.
With the first flashback starting as Charity is driving down the country lane - the first flash back made me scared but how alike is Mica as a young Charity to Emma - I can't quite believe this casting.
Back in The Village, Harriet is telling Vanessa about Charity's son 'dying' after she overheard Charity and Harriet's chat. I know they care for Charity but do they have to interfere? Just let Charity deal with it in her own way.
With the hospital flashback happening when she spots Harriet and Vanessa was something I wasn't expecting.
I do like that Vanessa and Harriet want to support Charity but I just wish they would accept Charity's decision!

After the break, we saw Vanessa try and explain to Charity about what she did and why and they have a rather special heart-to-heart. Witnessing an emotional and vulnerable Charity is incredible because we get to witness Emma at her very best!!
With another flashback that leads to a rather honest chat with Vanessa about her past - this made me  emotional. This scene led me to believe that the son she thought was dead is in fact alive.
The next scene made everyone realise how young and vulnerable Charity actually was - I can't help but feel rather sorry for this lady. This explains so much about why Charity is the way she is!
Charity and Vanessa scenes are so wonderful and I love that they support each other so much as well as love her each other.
The baby flashback at the end was rather emotional to watch knowing Charity ran away from the hospital before knowing that her baby son was actually alive. I can't begin how emotional the scenes will be when she discovers she son she thought had 'died' is actually alive.
I swear the nurse has raised Charity's son has her own son!

Thank you Emmerdale for the incredible episode.

Thank you

Emma Atkins - WHERE ON EARTH DO I BEGIN? You were just sensational in tonight's episode and you are just a special talent to Emmerdale, who's loved and adored but all her cast members and the fans tonight were rather proud of you!
I love how clever the flashbacks were put together within this episode and especially with them interlinking into present life. Great work from you Mickey Jones.
Maxine Alderton - Where can I begin after that special and incredible episode for Charity and your writing was stunningly perfect, the emotions, the dialogue, the flashback ideas were all spot on and that is why so many of us love and adore your writing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
What a wonderful acting it was for Mica Proctor playing the non-talking Charity. Mica - your emotion and vulnerably as Charity was great. What a brilliant casting Emmerdale, did with you!
Michelle Hardwick - Thank you for being the best actress for Emma to share these incredible scenes with!

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x


  1. Couldn't agree more, i loved Emma even before she became a gay icorn for young girls lol an absolutely outstanding actress.


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