Lanco released their debut album 'Hallelujah Nights' on Arista Nashville (Sony Music) on Friday 19th January. Hallelujah Nights is made up of 11 songs and below I give my review of Lanco's debut album 'Hallelujah Nights';

Born to Love You strong vocals throughout with the lyrics being very thought about. Gives you a very Southern country vibe. Great use of the drums works with vocals and allows the vocalist to shine.

Long Live Tonight
sounded rocky to start but you soon realise it isn't. The lyrics are very detailed with a VERY catchy chorus that I caught myself singing along too! This song for me is perfect for a summers day road trip.

Pick You Up
is a country pop/ rock sounding song, which I love! Their is something about their vocal that is magical and I think it's because you get a scent of them being very laid back. The second verse is catchy and I caught myself singing along.

I absolutely love Greatest Love Story very catchy and the instruments used throughout are incredible and take it to a different level. Love that this is a ballad and shows of the wonderful song-writing skills. It's my favourite song of the album.

We Do
is a very rocky edgy kind of song. Great diversity for the album. The chorus is rather loud but at the same time it is extremely catching, can't help but sing along.

Trouble Maker
has a rocky feel to it, which is amazing for this album - shows you that they are not afraid to try different things.

Singin' at the Stars
super magical sounding start with the instruments and softer sounding into takes a takes while to get into the song along with a super catchy chorus and you help by sing along too.

Win You Over
has a super country vibe to it which is just fabulous with a hint of rock at times. At times, I find myself trying to join in. Love the drumming throughout!

So Long (I Do)
softer sounding song which gives you a rock- country sort of vibe! You can help but get up and dance to it. This is the kind of song I am very excited to hear live. This song is one of my favourites of the album.

Middle of the Night
is an incredible track with great country vibes being given. Great use of instruments at the start which draws you in and you can't help but smile. Some parts of the song are super catchy and makes you wanna just get up and dance whilst singing along.

Hallelujah Nights
is such an incredible track and brings the album to a wonderful end with the 'woah' at the start hitting you straight from the off. Hallelujah Nights gives off strong energy and one that will be incredible to hear live if you ever been the opportunity take it!

Review by Kellie