Happy Friday!

TODAY (31st May) sees upcoming U.S. Country/ Pop Singer/ Song-writer Lily Kincade release her debut EP Anywhere. Anywhere features 5 songs.

Anywhere has an electric guitar instrumental at the very start which adds a lot to the song even before Lily's vocals come in. The first verse has a rocky upbeat feel from the start. The chorus is super catchy and features some beautifully honest lyrics. Lily's upbeat and happy vocal range is shown and I was instantly drawn into by this. The second verse follows on the first verse in the most happy way that had me smiling and the story I gone from the lyrics was moving. Anywhere is one song I wish I had throughout my teenage years/ first few years of adulting and I hope many people will be able to relate to this song like I did. The final chorus is what made the song for me! Anywhere is the happy track that every debut EP should have on it.

Eyes On You is a very upbeat song with a guitar instrumental which I adore right from the start. Lily's vocal quickly come in with the first verse which gives such a happy feel within the lyrics that I adore setting the song off wonderfully. The chorus is super fun and catchy and the lyrics are so honest and one most people will be able to relate too. The second verse continues the storytelling within the lyrics in such a beautiful way that showcases who Lily is as an artist - which is just incredible on such a pop country sounding song. I like the fact that Lily's showcases her softer sounding vocals in the final part of the song which gives the song a little more life.

God's Been Good To Me has such a country feel for me right from the off with Lily's showcasing her softer and meaningful side of the artist that she is. The first verse is joined by a guitar instrumental which happens to support her vocals in a wonderfully beautiful way. The chorus is catchy and softer that I caught myself listening in deeply to it's lyrics (for me this is what I adore) The second verse allows the story to get even more honest and open which I just fell in love with. When the chorus was repeated I caught myself singing along and being able to connect with the lyrics. Lily's softer vocal range is just perfect for this song!

Good On You is a more upbeat song of this EP which I like. Lily's happier vocals on the first verse are lovely and I allow her song-writing ability to shine through. The first verse opens the song off wonderfully and it joins on with the chorus in a beautiful way that I caught myself wanting to sing along with. The second verse is for me what makes the song and allows you to paint your own picture from the lyrics and songs like this are magical for me. The instrumentals within this song are wonderful. Lily's showcases many of her different vocal ranges and I am so glad she chose this song to do it with. Good On You is everything a country pop song should be for me.

Slow This Down has a beautiful guitar instrumental opening this song before Lily's country pop vocals come through with the first verse which allows Lily's vocals to shine through from the very first moment. The chorus is very catchy and upbeat and one I felt myself wanting to sing along with whilst being able to relate too. The second verse is very open and honest that got me thinking about life in general and how we should be living the moment and not thinking too much about other people's opinions. When the chorus was repeated I caught myself dancing along with whilst attempting to sing along aha.
There is something about Lily's vocals that amazes me on this song and this song is definitely my favourite.

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Thank you for reading.
Kellie x