Happy Wednesday!

This Friday (26th October) will see U.S. Artist, Kamryn Palmer release her debut single Devil in an Angel Disguise.

Kamryn Palmer is a Country Singer/Songwriter from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida. Kamryn is now also a Nashville based Recording Artist who plays guitar and loves to bring soul into country music.

Devil in an Angel Disguise starts with a lovely soft instrumental from the drums which stays throughout Devil in an Angel Disguise, which is quickly joined by Kamryn's wonderful vocals.
The first verse is very heartfelt with some lovely warm lyrics which you can't help to picture a story too - songs that have the ability to do this are rather magical and special to me. The chorus of Devil in an Angel Disguise is absolutely gorgeous and features some stunning lyrics and along with Kamryn's vocal tone which is so special gives Devil in an Angel Disguise so much dynamic which I just adore. I love how from the second verse until the end, I felt myself singing along.
I felt myself listening to every single word and believing in everything Kamryn was singing!

Devil in an Angel Disguise is such a catchy song which I am very excited for people to hear!

You can download Devil in an Angel Disguise here.

You can follow Kamryn on her Social Media

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x