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In next week’s episodes of Coronation Street, the cobbles will be Sinead Tinker surprise her partner Daniel Osborne with a wedding (legally this time!) However, later in the week, the newlyweds are hit with some devastating news.

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In the first episode to the cobbles of the week, viewers will see Sinead Tinker deciding to sweep Daniel Osborne off his feet as she orders her unsuspecting partner to the Bistro for lunch.

However, in a bid to avoid Bethany Platt, Daniel decides to take his son, Bertie out for the day but with Bethany telling him that for Sinead's sake he should show up to the bistro.

But when Daniel arrives for lunch he's taken aback to see his partner, Sinead in her wedding dress which leads to the pair hugging very much in love.

However, things quickly change as when Beth helps Sinead to do her hair, she discovers a lump on her niece's neck.

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In Monday's second episode, Sinead and Daniel dance through their tears as Sinead decides to quietly take Daniel to one side and breaks the news that she has found another lump but as Daniel reels Sinead begs him to bury his fears and enjoy their special day.

However, as Daniel and Sinead cut their cake and with everyone cheering its not long before Daniel is overwhelmed and rushes out and it's Bethany who goes off to find him but Daniel refuses to talk and after returning to reception to make an emotional speech, the newlyweds decide to dance through their tears!

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In Wednesday's first episode, viewers will see Daniel and Sinead Osborne's marriage being tested as with Sinead having been to the hospital for a scan, Daniel suggests a mini-moon to his wife to take their minds off receiving Sinead's results. However, determined to stay upbeat Sinead tells Daniel to book the mini-moon.

Moments later, Daniel is seen to be opening up to Bethany about his fears over Sinead's lump, meanwhile Sinead takes a phone call from the hospital asking her to come in this afternoon and with their plans scuppered, Daniel and Sinead hug.

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In Wednesday's second episode, viewers are in for an emotional one which sees newlyweds, Sinead and Daniel's worst feared are realised as the consultant breaks the news to them that Sinead's cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and liver which leads to the devastating news being delivered that Sinead only has 3/ 4 months to live.

Reeling from the shock, Sinead and Daniel decide to share their devastating news with a distraught Ken, Peter, Carla, Adam and Beth.

But once back at home the enormity of the situation starts to sink in especially as Sinead starts blaming herself for delaying her chemo but it's Daniel who points out to her that if she hadn't made that choice - they wouldn't have had their beautiful baby boy, Bertie.

Later as Daniel and Sinead stare out of the window at people going on with their daily lives, they decide to cling on to each other utterly bereft.
I hope you all have your tissues ready for this episode.

In Friday long-hour episode, sees Sinead struggle to face pity from her friends, so she asks her auntie Beth to tell people about her devastating news. But with Chesney devastated about the news about hi good friend he tries to offer some words of comfort to Sinead she makes it very clear that she doesn't want his sympathy.

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