I am very excited to be bringing you this interview with U.S. Singer/ Song-writing trio, Mama Dear who are made up of Kelly Bradway, Dan Wilson, and Parker Bradway.
MamaDear were formed 5 years ago and have released a numerous number of songs with 2 being in 2019 - Steal Away and Lost Cause after a 2 year break. 

Good Morning, Kelly, Dan and Parker. How are you today?
Hello Kellie, we are great! Hope you are doing well. So excited to chat with you!

Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview with me, it's wonderful to be featuring you!
We are so honored to be included! We just flew through the UK to go to France this summer, and we wish we could have spent more time there! We love that the UK is so into country music!

Firstly, I would like you to introduce yourselves to our readers?​
We are a band from Nashville, TN called MAMADEAR. There’s three of us in the band - Kelly Bradway, Daniel Wilson, and Parker Bradway. We first started singing together about seven years ago, when we all met on Kelly’s front porch to write a song! We’ll all take turns answering your questions so your readers can get to know us individually as well!

Now, I have a few quick audiences to help our readers get to know you, if you don't mind?
Sure thing!

How old were you were you decided to start writing your own songs? And when did you write and perform your first song?​
Parker: The first song we wrote together as a band was actually one of our first singles, called “Life Is Better on a River.” It was about seven years ago. Dan and I got together one day to write, and this song came out. We were both in serious relationships (Dan with his wife Hannah, and me with Kelly), and so it was a song all about love and life. Little did we know that this song would really help in shaping our sound, and it was one of the first songs we ever recorded in the studio together! So there’s a lot of special feelings attached to that song.

What is the most inspirational song you have heard?​
Dan: That is a great question. There are so many! One of the first that come to mind is Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars. The melody is unbelievable and the lyric is so simple, which all the greatest songs seem to be that way. I feel like that song says so much with so little words and that’s inspiring and something to aspire to as a writer.

Now, I'd like to ask you a few more questions about your plans for the rest of 2019, if that's ok?
Of course!

2019, saw you release your first single in 2 years, Steal Away how was it releasing your wonderful music once again?
Kelly: It was SO incredibly exciting! We couldn’t wait to share new music with our fans, friends, and family. They had been patiently waiting for it so we were so happy to let them hear what we’d been working on! We wrote the song with one of our favorite songwriters, Stephanie Chapman, who is married to the hit producer Nathan Chapman. She really helped us tap into the more rootsy side of our sound. Its the kind of song you want to listen to with your windows down as you get out of

town with someone you love.

You then released your second single of the year only a few weeks ago called Lost Cause, which I have to admit is one of my favourites from 2019. How did you find releasing the single?
Parker: Thanks so much!  We're really proud of it.  I think people really seemed to enjoy it! It was a song we've been performing live for a while, so I think it was nice for people to finally hear it recorded.

I am intrigued to know how long it could you to write Lost Cause?​ What was the recording process like for the song? Was it tough?
Parker: I wrote it with some awesome friends and writers, Grant Vogel and Marla Morris. I just had the idea and brought it into them.  Took one day--probably 4-5hours. Recording wise it was a little tough to get it right!  The song could have lended itself to a pretty mainstream poppy production, but Sean Neff our producer did a great job of keeping it very country instrumentation-wise which I think makes it unique.

Did you always know you wanted to release Steal Away and Lost Cause this year as singles or was it a tough choice?
Kelly: Those were two of the four songs we had recorded with our amazing producer Sean Neff, and yes, it was a tough choice to decide which ones to release first! I think most artists would agree that as soon as you record something, you want everyone to hear it! We wanted to be really strategic about how we shared them though, so we took some time to think about the best way to do that. We also have a third song coming out soon that we are incredibly excited about. It’s called “A Better

Cigarette” and it’s one of those story songs that we think everybody can relate to.

And before I let you go I have to ask you about your plans for 2019?​
Dan: We are pumped to keep putting out new songs! We will release a couple more this year and will be hitting the road continuing to build our fan base. It’s the reason we work so hard in Nashville writing songs, recording and doing what needs to be done, so we can get out there and play for the fans. They genuinely energize us so much by their love for music, and it fills our souls up to play for them.

Finally, being a UK site - I have to ask do you have any plans in one day coming over to the UK to perform?
Kelly: We don’t have anything planned at the moment, but we would LOVE to come play there! A lot of our artist friends have traveled to the UK to play for the C2C Festival, and that’s definitely something we hope to be a part of in the future! Nashville also just added a direct flight to London, so we might be tempted to come sooner rather than later :)

Thank you so much for your time today, Kelly, Dan and Parker - I am very grateful.
Thank YOU so much for having us Kellie! We appreciate your support so much!!

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Thank you for reading.
Kellie x


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