Following on from last night's gripping yesterday, tonight's episode saw Keanu Taylor catch up with Ben Mitchell where Keanu demanded to know answers as to what happened with Phil Mitchell's attack which as viewers know was actually Stacey Fowler and why Ben tried to frame him - and rightly so!

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In tonight's first scene of the episode, following on from last night's duff, duff back at the Church on her wedding day, Whitney Dean now knowing the truth had a massive decision to make regarding her relationship and possible marriage to Callum Highway (Halfway). But will Bianca's words have make any difference? And I was so happy to see that the answer was yes.
Mick is then seen rushing over to Whitney as Bianca walks in and asks Bianca to give her away as she declines Whitney walks down the aisle anyway but the look in her eye is one of her being unsure. tbh the music is the first thing that got me. Bianca sits down with her family (Tiffany, Sonia and Robbie).

Back on Albert Square, Lisa Fowler and Mel Owen are looking for Mel's son, Hunter who has taken off which was all know happened in last night's episode. Moments later, Hunter was seen breaking a window and entering Jack Branning's house who he was determined to get revenge on, however Jack had no idea as he was at Whitney and Halfway's wedding.

Back at the Church, Halfway is reading out his vows to Whitney whilst getting choked up but to be honest, I don't see why when we all know he is in love with Ben. Few moments later, Whitney is seen delivering her vows to Halfway whilst getting choked up and running away which let's be honest we were all expecting! Whitney then gets in a car and drives off. Don't we all love a runaway bride.

In the Square again, Mel and Lisa are in Mel's house which Phil Mitchell choses to break into demanded to get answers.
Back in the Church, Bianca and all the other guests are wondering where she got too! I love the fact Bianca is always there for her children.

Back in Mel's house, Lisa Fowler and Phil Mitchell come to ahead as Phil demands answers regarding his daughter, Louise and her boyfriend, Keanu Taylor whereabouts and so he should however, the fact her half-brother, Ben Mitchell caused this whole drama in the first place making Keanu go on the run in the first place has me angered, I am not going to lie. The way that Lisa wasn't afraid to stand up to Phil before revealing that Louise just rolled up at hers with Keanu makes me happy because years ago it would have been very different but this is the EastEnders, I know and love. But with Phil admitting he made a mistake and that he just wants Louise back makes me happy because she belongs on Albert Square with Keanu let's be honest! I love how the character development of Lisa has changed and that she is looking out for Louise more than herself is just a credit to the writers and everyone at EastEnders especially Lucy Benjamin.

Meanwhile in the club, Keanu Taylor manages to track down Ben Mitchell it was the glare as Ben looked over that got me as Keanu started confronting Ben about why is framed him for Phil's attack which led him to going on the run with his pregnant girlfriend, Louise Mitchell. Ben and Keanu's conversation was full of home truths and you know what I loved it, but Ben really needs to be careful with what he says.
The moment Keanu confronted Ben, I'll admit I cheered rather loudly!

But back at Whitney and Halfway's flat, Whitney is seen packing her bags whilst she is confronting him about his relationship with Ben and I adore Whitney for finally having the courage to ask all of the awkward questions. Whitney bringing up Chris was even more awkward for Halfway than I thought it would be if I am honest.
Moments later, Whitney decides to sit down on her bed as she and Halfway continue their conversation about him being gay, I know you don't want to admit how you feel Halfway but it's the best thing you can do for both - you and Whitney. Adore how Whitney is being so honest with him and only wants what's best for him after all but telling him to tell the truth will take time.

Back in the Club, Keanu and Ben are still at each other especially when Ben talks about Keanu's wedding to Louise which hasn't even happened yet but Ben's jealous is something I hate. I adore how much Keanu genuinely loves Louise but it's something Ben can't stand which really bugs me.
Ben's threat to Keanu about him leaving Louise is something he will never chose to take and one thing

Back in the Beale house, Jay Brown and Lola Pearce are at the kitchen table mending a pair of her pink shoes where it's obvious sprikes are flying between the pair.

Back at Jack's house, Denise is there alone where she notices the broken window and turns around and Hunter is there, however, moments later she is on the floor after being knocked unconscious.

Back we are back in the club once again, Ben is seen giving Keanu money for him to leave the Square and Louise which I was very happy to see Keanu refuge because of what he has to lose goes to show us viewers how much it really means to him - I was cheering because I love this pairing - which then leads to Ben hitting Keanu and Keanu hitting Ben and further more.

Back in the Square, Lisa is on the phone to Louise as Phil approaches and hears everything she said to Louise on the phone.
Viewers then saw Louise arrive back in Albert Square on the hunt for her man who he missing despite us knowing that he's gone off to confront Ben but it's not long before her best friend, Bex Fowler spots her and the pair rush into The Vic when they saw Sharon walking past.

Outside The Vic, mother and daughter, Bianca and Tiffany are seen talking where some home truths come out. Bring on Friday's episode.

Meanwhile, Hunter is still at large and looking for Jack as he sneaks into the Vic cellar.
In the next scene, Halfway is seen arriving at Dot Branning's to see his brother where he is in tears, whilst Whitney is in tears at their flat sobbing her heart out.

In the club, Keanu is seen getting up after Ben attacked him and his words to Ben were ones I was happy to hear because its so obvious how much he loves his girlfriend.

Viewers then saw Louise arrive back in Albert Square on the hurt for her man who he missing despite as knowing he's confronted Ben it's not long before her best friend, Bex Fowler spots her and the pair rush into The Vic when they saw Sharon walking past. Little did they know what would come next.

In the final scene of the episode, Hunter was seen at in the back of The Vic Cellar completing what his next move will be. 

Tonight's episode was written by Pete Lawson and directed by Karl Neilson.

The truthfulness and real dedication to Pete's writing is something that once again moved me and I absoultely adore this man's work!

Danny Walters and Max Bowden's scenes together tonight made me smile because they work so wonderfully well together and it was great to see them together once again!
Also, never until tonight's episode did I realise how much I have missed Lucy Benjamin on my screen as Lisa and classic Lisa/ Phil scenes have made my night, I am not gonna lie.

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x


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