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In tonight's episode, viewers were in for a tense episode but one that was gripping and saw the returns of Patsy Palmer as Bianca and Lisa Benjamin as Lisa Fowler which I have to admit has been something I have been very much looking forward too!

In tonight's first scene of the episode, viewers saw Sonia Jackson and Tiffany Dean in the centre of Albert Square finalising all the little details of the decorations for Whitney and Callum Highway (Halfway)'s wedding day as Sonia decided to contact Bianca Jackson who she wasn't able to get hold off but moments later viewers discovered that she and Kat are in a police cell.

A few scenes later, Halfway and Whitney Dean are in their flat where Halfway promises Whitney that Ben Mitchell won't be at their wedding but does Whitney believe him, I know I don't!

In the Beale's house, Lola, Lexi, Ben and Ian are all getting in the wedding spirit, even though Ben isn't really in the right frame of mind. Later, Phil and Sharon are seen walking through the Square wanting Louise and Keanu back where they hold.

Back at Sonia's house where bride Whitney was getting ready for her wedding, Tiffany lets slip about Bianca coming to her wedding much to Whitney's delight with Whitney demanded to make sure that Bianca is at her special day and I liked that she headed to the police station to go and get her, herself.

Then in the Beale's house, Stuart is seen entering the kitchen where he speaks to Ben about Halfway and demands that he stays away from his brother's wedding day which led to Ben feeling Stuart threatened. But Lexi walking in soon changes things.

With the whole square going to the Whitney and Halfway's wedding the excitement on the Square is unreal. I love Albert Square when it's like this!

The moment when Lisa Mitchell stop Mel Owen to see her son, Hunter where she begged her friend by leaning on her car which leads them to going to Mel's house where she is seen asking her friend for help when it comes to her daughter, Louise Mitchell and her boyfriend, Keanu Taylor as she needs to get them out of the country. I adore Lisa and Mel's relationship this is one friendship I am very grateful they have kept over the years!

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In the next scene of the episode, viewers saw Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor return to our screens in a cafe off bridge street after a month off screen because they have been on the run thanks to Ben trying to frame Keanu for Phil's attack leading them to laying low. Viewers also got a sweet scene when Louise felt the baby kick and placed Keanu's hand on her stomach. It was super wonderful seeing Louise and Keanu both back on screen.
But at the end of the scene despite Louise insisting that they stay hidden, Keanu decides to sneak out to try and find Ben... Bring on tomorrow's episode for these incredibly tense scenes no doubt.

Later, Halfway arrives at the police station giving a speech to the police officer, but will Bianca be allowed to come to her daughter's wedding?
But outside the police station, Whitney and Halfway are seen having a heart-to-heart as Bianca and Kate are released.

Moments later, Mel is seen giving Lisa a number for a contact that she knows who can get Louise and Keanu fake passports, but will they use Mel's contact?

At the Church, Ben arrives at Whitney and Halfway's wedding where she is seen giving him a look before Bianca steps in and all I know is, is that in tomorrow's episode we can expect a lot more drama for sure.

Near the end of the episode, Phil is seen being told by Ian Beale that Lisa is back and the curiousness regarding his daughter, Louise led him to call his son, Ben to find out what's going on. Seriously I love bad boy Phil Mitchell, however Ben is the reason Keanu left the square in the first place as things got too much for him. With Keanu hiding in the square... I am so ready for tomorrow's showdown with Ben.

In the final scene of the episode, Halfway is seen waiting for Whitney at the alter where outside Bianca and Whitney are seen having a heart-to-heart and I have nothing but praise for Bianca and her wonderful words of advice for her daughter but at the end of the day she has to respect Whitney's decision, but will Whitney actually go through with it?

Tonight's episode was written by Pete Lawson and directed by Karl Neilson.

Pete, thank you for such an amazing script and I can't wait for tomorrow's episode now!

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