After watching Monday's trailer after the episode for the week ahead the way that Keanu Taylor ran to try and help his pregnant fiancée, Louise Mitchell who was trapped inside after hearing a gunshot go off and knowing that his pregnant girlfriend, Louise Mitchell is in there my heart was in my mouth. I adore how protective Keanu is to Louise and their baby.

After last night's intense episode there is no wonder tonight's episode was tense too.

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In tonight's first scene of the episode, viewers were taken into The Vic where the aftermath from Hunter's siege was unfolding with the police ushering people away from around The Vic after hearing a gunshot leaving everyone inside screaming.
Viewers then saw Phil Mitchell and Keanu Taylor determined and frantically trying to get into The Vic to help everyone inside especially Keanu's fiancée and Phil's daughter, Louise Mitchell. All I was thinking was please don't let it be Louise or Lisa Fowler.

In the next scene, viewers discovered who was shot in all the drama and it was Ben Mitchell however, yes I kind of guessed it would be but Callum Highway (Halfway)'s face broke me in two, he really does love Ben and it's so sweet.

Back upstairs in The Vic, Lola Pearce and Jay Mitchell were seen talking out there next move before heading into the Carter's bathroom upstairs.
While, Mel Owen is seen downstairs trying to talk her son, Hunter Owen out of all his drama but with Hunter still controlling what was happening with lots of demands especially towards everyone still inside and Louise's face is scared thank god for Lisa was there to protect her at all costs.
Jack Branning's phone rung leading to Hunter demanding that everyone's gets their phones out whilst waving the gun around.

Away from the drama at The Vic, Bianca Jackson takes her daughter, Tiffany Dean to the park to talk about everything she has got through. I was very grateful for the time away from the square and the drama.

Back in The Vic, police sirens started sounding off and with armed responders arrive on the scene everyone is thrown into a state of panic. Whilst inside, Keegan Taylor was looking out of the window telling Hunter what was happening which then saw Sonia Fowler asks if she can look at an injured Ben who is still being supported by Halfway.
Then another gunshot goes off, leading to everyone inside getting even more scared.

Keanu and Phil are frantically worrying about Louise who is currently trapped in amongst all of the drama as Mel was seen talking once again to her son, Hunter trying to get him to calm down which led to some moving scenes which I absoultely loved watching however I found them super intense viewing.

However, outside on the Square, the police are phoning The Vic where inside Hunter orders Whitney Dean to answer the ringing phone, in which Halfway is also wanting to answer to protect her. But with Whitney being super honest on the phone whilst Hunter watches on as Ben is deteriorating rapidly as Halfway used his army training to help Ben who is laying unconscious still. WOW, I am hooked all this drama but I am also crying.
Once again outside, Phil orders Keanu to go to the arches and to get something to smash the look with.

Back in the park, Bianca and Tiffany are seen having a heart-to-heart in the park about everything that she has been through since in last night's episode Sonia told her about everything Tiffany has experienced over the past 12 months which leads to Tiffany storming off rather unhappy. This heart-to-heart conversation had me a little emotional especially with Bianca feeling so guilty and Tiffany just wanting her mum's support.

Back in The Vic, with Ben still getting worse and rapidly the look on Callum's face broke me he really does love Ben and that's obvious. Hunter grabs the phone on The Vic bar in anger as it hadn't rang. Meanwhile, upstairs Lola and Jay are having a heart-to-heart after Jay said that he can't lose Ben leading to them kissing. Yes, finally Lola and Jay.
Downstairs, finally the phone rings and it's the police and Hunter is talking to the police officer on the phone, Hunter was left angry. Louise is looking terrified in the corner. Sonia is listening to Ben's chest as he is getting worse and tempers rise leading to everyone panicking once again.

Back outside The Vic, Keanu looks over at Phil and he takes the object from Keanu and heads to The Vic alone after telling him to look after Sharon which Keanu is unhappy about doing.
Inside once again, Hunter asks for Louise with Lisa trying to protect her daughter, Louise's best friend Bex Fowler steps in before Louise steps forward - Phil enters The Vic leading to Hunter grabbing Louise tightly around the neck whilst she was trying to get him off.

Outside The Vic, Hunter still had a hold of Louise in a headlock where Keanu was seen watching on in horror whilst Hunter had he's pregnant fiancée who is absoultely terrified as Louise starts pleading with him. I was terrified at this present moment in the show.

Back in The Vic, Sonia was feeling the pressure whilst attempting to operate on Ben who is in a very serious and ill state. Thank god the operation was successful, Sonia breathed a sigh of relief. As Mel and Lisa Fowler started panicking about their children.

However, in scenes of slow motion, Hunter fires another gunshot were headed towards Keanu who then went down to the ground as does Louise as Hunter lets go of her. Whilst, in a change of events, Hunter and Louise were laying on the floor as Louise then started shouting about Hunter who had fired another gunshot towards himself leading to her moving away rapidly.

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In the next scene, Louise was seen running over to her fiancé, Keanu who was lying on the floor worrying about whether he was hurt or not as Keanu was seen clutching his chest but the look on her face got me - I even had tears in my eyes. As the paramedics rushed over to help Ben who is still inside The Vic and Keanu who is on the ground outside with Louise panicking about him, made me a little emotional I won't lie as the Louise ran over kissing him on his forehead as the paramedics arrive to treat him. Please let Keanu be ok!

In the final scene of tonight's dramatic episode, Mel was seen rushing over to son, Hunter who is lying on the floor dead in the garden in the square whilst Mel was still pleading for help to save her son. I adored the fact that Mel quickly ran over to Hunter despite everything he did and proved that a mothers' love never dies and I had few tears in my eyes. I will miss Tamzin Outwaite and Charlie Winter's scenes together.

Tonight's episode was written by Lauren Klee and directed by Karl Neilson.

After last night's incredible writing from Lauren, I expected nothing else but brilliance but my god I never expected this kind of episode but I absoultely loved it!
Thank you for an incredibly breath taking episode, Lauren.

Tamzin Outhwaite, Charlie Winter, Danny Walters, Tilly Keeper, Max Bowden, Tony Clay and Shona McGarty - you deserve nothing but praise for this week's worth of episodes. However, it has been so wonderful to see Lucy Benjamin and Patsy Palmer back on our scenes.
Team EastEnders - you have really amazed me this week and I am very grateful for you all with doing a week of episodes like this.

Kate Oates and Jon Sen - THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your work on EastEnders!

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x


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