In tonight's special episode where Sinead Osborne was given the dreaded news that her cervical cancer is back and worse news is given as it is revealed that she only has a few months to live leading to some incredibly emotional scenes in tonight's episode.

In the first episode of tonight's double episode, viewers saw Sinead Osborne attend the hospital for tests after her Auntie Beth Tinker discovered a lump of her wedding day in Monday's first episode. Sinead was dreading going in case the consultant was to give her the news she was dreading. However, sadly by the end of the episode, Sinead's mobile phone rung which happened to be the hospital just as she and her husband, Daniel along with their son, Bertie were about to set off on their mini-moon leaving Sinead devastated before she was seen kissing Bertie and hugging him tightly.
In the final scene of the episode, Daniel was seen looking out of their flat window with the most devastated look in his eye.

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In the first scene of tonight's emotional episode, viewers saw Daniel still looking out of his flat window with Sinead playing with her son as Daniel was trying to trying to get them going on their mini-moon to avoid the real situation that needs to be happening.

In the next scene, Ken Barlow and his son, Peter were in Number 3 where they were seen to be talking about Sinead and Daniel's wedding day - the mention of Deidre made me a little emotional.

Moments later, viewers saw Sinead and Daniel in the hospital awaiting her test results as Beth was in the cafe playing with Bertie as Peter and Carla Connor enter. I love Carla interactions with Bertie. Beth breaks the news to Peter and Carla about where Sinead and Daniel have really gone to the hospital leading to Carla looking at Peter in a shocked state.

Back at the hospital in the consultants room, Sinead and Daniel are awaiting news about Sinead's results as she holds on to Bertie's bear tightly. I was emotional watching this scene as I bet a lot of other people were too. Starting with Sinead and Daniel thinking positive - like we all know that they do! before Sinead reveals that she knows that it is bad news and the consultant confirms her fears telling her that it has spread to her lymph nodes and a scan noticed something on her liver which is something that devastated Daniel as he recalled about the 10th July test when his wife was given the all clear. The consultant struggles to be apologetic however with tearing streaming now Sinead's face  talking about her happy wedding day - my heart was broken into two! Before the consultant tells her that the cancer is terminal, you can see how zoned out of the whole situation Sinead is and that she really is struggling to take everything in, that is happening to her whilst Daniel is talking to the consultant about next steps which there sadly isn't an option of! The way that Sinead is looking at Daniel completely shattered me.

Moments later, Sinead was seen blaming herself for wanting to have her son, Bertie but when the consultant gave them the matter of month's diagnosis - the emotions displayed on screen by Katie and Rob were so real it had me bawling my eyes out!

In the first next scene of the second half, Sinead and Daniel arrived home which saw Sinead laying on Daniel's shoulder as the look on their faces say it all as Ken opens the door and lets them in also Carla, Peter and Adam enter too.

Back in the Barlow's house, Sinead decided to tell them, however it was Daniel who got the words out as the doorbell rings and it's Beth bringing over their son, Bertie. The words that come out of Daniel's mouth are that it's terminal leading to Sinead saying that she's tired and they leave leading to Ken sits down as the family look on as they leave. Ken looked heartbroken as did everyone else in the living room especially Beth.

Back in their flat, Daniel was seen comforting his wife who was looking at her beard oil leading to a beautiful scene between them with Sinead being so honest as she is breaking Daniel's heart as he started opening their wedding presents in the search of alcohol which he quickly sees a bottle of whiskey which he quickly poured and drank a glass of as he watches a video from their wedding day. Sinead then leaves Bertie's room and sees Daniel crying who quickly offers her a drink but it's not long before Sinead is seen taking her anger of the news out on her husband.

Sinead and Daniel were arguing over what's coming up for them with her treatment leading to Sinead once again blaming herself for not starting her treatment earlier to have their son, Bertie. I loved that Daniel was able to comfort Sinead and set her mind at rest when it came to Bertie but all that Sinead was worried about was her son and the fact that she wasn't going to see him grow up.

I completely struggled to watch the final scene of the tonight as Sinead started smashing things up in her flat to which Daniel comforted her. But the moment when Daniel bought up the decision of chemo, Sinead told him what is the point to which Daniel shouted what's the point leading to a them clinging onto each other in the most beautiful way even though I was in tears especially as they looked on through the window.

I expected an emotional episode but not this emotional.

Katie McGlynn and Rob Mallard please take a bow for tonight's incredibly moving episode - it was so raw and honest it broke into two quiet a few times which goes to show what affecting subject Corrie are currently tackling.
Also, I have to thank Jan McVerry for her incredibly touching and raw writing for the episode and director Mickey Jones for his many wonderful camera angles.

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x


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