Happy Friday!

UK based Singer/ Song-writer Vic Allen is set to release her second single of 2019 called Enough TODAY (2nd August). Enough is a song about how Vic feels about life although she knows that she is lucky and has lots to be thankful for but feels like she is always chasing something - don't we all?
Enough was once again co-written with the talented Kaity Rae.

Enough has a very upbeat instrumental which I absoultely adore and suits the song perfectly.
The first verse is very honest and very out there (if you get me?) and one that many of us will be able to relate too with our use of Social Media every single day which always seems to leave us wanting more which is not always what we need to see.
The chorus is just stunning and so eye opening like the whole of the song is and one, I especially caught myself relating with 100% - the lyrics are super honest and there is something about the song-writing that instantly hits me in the heart being tears.
The second and final verses continues the truth about Social Media and the fact that we shouldn't always be on it because it leads us to expecting to much from our selves in life when it is not necessarily what we really need from life and ourselves.
Something we just need to step away from our phones and just appreciate every single thing we have and be grateful and this song has helped me do this, so thank you Vic!

You can watch the video for Enough here.

You can follow Vic on her Social Media

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x