Happy Friday!

TODAY (9th August) will see U.S. trio Temecula Road made up of sisters Emma and Maddie Salute and their friend, Dawson Anderson release their brand new single Never Knew I Needed You.

Never Knew I Needed You starts with upbeat instrumental which is quickly joined my Emma's heartfelt vocals which are beautiful and open Never Knew I Needed You wonderfully giving me instant chills because I wasn't expecting a song like this from this (this is a wonderful thing).
The chorus of Never Knew I Needed You is so beautiful and very honest as well as being one that a lot of people will hopefully be able to relate too! Dawson's vocals open the second verse are beautiful and happen to suit the lyrics exteremly well and their harmonies in the verse as well show off their vocal ability as a band. Maddie's vocals in the bridge are absoultely gorgeous and her softer vocal tone broke the song up fantastically.
The lyrics throughout Never Knew I Needed You are incredible and very mind blowing.
Never Knew I Needed You is a love song which I absoultely love from these guys.
Dawson - I am so glad you co-wrote this song.

Maddie, Dawson and Emma - I am so PROUD of you!

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Thank you for reading.
Kellie x