Happy Wednesday!

This Friday (16th August) will see UK Singer/ Song-writer, Jaz Connell releasing her new single Your Girl.

Your Girl has a lovely softer guitar instrumental which I absoultely love and it compliments Jaz's softer vocal. The first verse opens the song up wonderfully and I felt myself instantly being moved by the lyrics. The chorus is super sweet and very open and honest which I happen to love too. The second verse continues the song wonderfully and takes you to a completely different side within the song and it's great to hear an artist write directly from the heart in the way, Jaz has.
The instrumental break down in the middle of Your Girl is just stunning, breaking it up fantastically. The moment Jaz slowed down her vocals even more I was blown away!
The final chorus was stunning and the perfect end for this song - one song I am very excited for everyone to hear.
There is something so magical about Jaz's vocal range in this song!

You can follow Jaz on her Social Media

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x