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Next week on the Cobbles of Coronation Street, viewers will see them revisit Bethany Platt's abuse storyline when she is haunted by a face from her past within the Bistro during her work shift!

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In the first episode of the week, Bethany is set to be shocked as a family arrive for dinner at her place of work, The Bistro and she instantly recognises the dad as a man from one of Nathan's parties leading her to confiding in work colleague and friend, Daniel Osborne but asks him not to say anything - but how will Daniel react?

However, it's not long before Daniel oversteps the mark as the family leave the restaurant rowing over what has been said but it's sadly Craig Tinker, who is left knocked down by the angry man's wife as she puts her car into reverse. However, it's not long before Bethany is left leaving rather devastated as once again it is her friend, Craig has been caught up when it comes to her past.

In the Friday's first visit to the Cobbles, Bethany tells Daniel that she has in fact decided to write up her experience with Nathan in the hope that it may help out other girls about how to avoid getting caught up in the same trap, which she sadly was. Daniel is left feeling rather impressed by Bethany's decision.

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