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This Friday (9th August) will see U.S. Singer/ Song-writer, Olivia Lane release her brand new EP called The One. The One features 6 songs that were written by Olivia herself.

So Good It Hurts features some wonderful vocals which is supported by a wonderful instrumental throughout which supports the song in such a wonderful way. The first verse is very catchy and sets the song off in the most wonderful way alongside the chorus. I love Olivia's jolly chorus - it makes the whole song for me. The second and third verse allow the song to get to another dynamic which I absoultely love throughout.
There is something so magical about Olivia's vocal and lyrical ability throughout the song.

The Cape has a very fast paced instrumental which are supported by Olivia's softer vocal range that happens to support the song in the best way possible. The first verse opens the song up wonderfully and links to the chorus perfectly along with it's stunning lyrics throughout. The second verse has a very pop feel to it which I love and a perfect song for the summer. The final verse showcases Olivia' softer vocals which is just wonderful. Olivia has shown everyone with this song what an incredible artist she is!

Friends Don’t has a very different instrumental the previous two songs but it's lovely to hear Olivia's softer emotional vocal tone which happened to move me within the first verse thanks to it's incredibly honest and moving lyrics. The chorus of Friends Don't is just as moving with it's wonderful lyrics as the first verse is. The second verse lyrics are beautiful and gets you thinking about that one relationship where you started off as just friends but I started crying at this verse and I am so glad the chorus followed this verse has it made it even more stunning.
The bridge within Friends Don't is one in a million! I can't wait for the day I get to hear this song live.

Let It Hurt has a very slow instrumental which happens to start the song off wonderfully and links to the first verse perfectly with it's emotional lyrics and Olivia's soft vocal tone, I caught myself listening very closely to every single lyrics even more than I normally do - I was that moved. The chorus is just beautiful with the perfect mix of emotional and vulnerable lyrics and vocal tone from Olivia. The second verse continues the storytelling within the song wonderfully and I caught myself picturing myself in the shoes of the lyrics instantly moving me. The bridge is simply stunning summing the song up in the most wonderful way possible.
Let It Hurt is one song every girl needs to hear and I will be adding to my 2019 playlist.

The One has a upbeat instrumental to start which I adore right from the off. The first verse is beautiful and showcases Olivia's vocal range wonderfully showing off her beautiful vocal tone and lyrical ability. The chorus is very moving and features some wonderful lyrics. The second verse continues song wonderfully and another song I caught myself relating too. I caught myself singing along with the chorus the more I hear it. Olivia's vocal range is demonstrated in the most beautiful way throughout.

Not Know has a beautiful slower and softer instrumental which compliments Olivia's vocal range in the most wonderful way. All three verses of this song are just as incredible as each other and show off Olivia's vocal ability in the most perfectly beautiful way. The chorus for me in the part of the song which moved me the most and I caught myself crying at time. During the bridge, Olivia's vocal range is extremely moving.
I am so grateful for a song like this at the moment, so I thank you very much for this.

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Thank you for reading.
Kellie x


  1. Well written and for into about your fave singer and so people know about her, excellent work


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