Happy Tuesday!

This Friday (9th August) will see Exeter born Singer/ Song-writer Clara Bond release her brand new EP called Crown. Crown features 4 songs which were all written by Clara and her friend, Lewis Fuller.

Does Your Girlfriend Know You're Single starts with a super quick but quirky upbeat instrumental which I absoultely adore. The first verse paints the picture for Does Your Girlfriend Know You're Single wonderfully and links with the chorus in the most beautiful way. The chorus is also very catchy and makes you want to sing along from the moment you hear the first line. The second verse
has some real honest yet beautiful lyrics that shows the listeners Clara's fantastical lyrical ability. The final verse of the chorus ends Does Your Girlfriend Know You're Single perfectly (yes I know I say this word a lot with this song). Does Your Girlfriend Know You're Single showcases Clara's vocal range in the most beautifully and perfect way.

Baby, You've Been On My Mind has a slower beat to start the song off which allows Clara's heartfelt vocal ability to shine throughout with her beautiful lyrics. The first verse is just beautiful, and I felt myself listening along with every word Clara was singing and it wasn't until the chorus I felt myself connect with the song but I have to say it wasn't a bad thing because the chorus was heart warming. The second verse beautiful and the lyrics are written from the heart and you can definitely hear the artist, Clara is. The bridge gives the song a little more dynamic which I absoultely love because this is something Clara does fantastically well. The final chorus was definitely the best decision to end the song with.

Pink Wine is a different kind of song for me to hear from Clara but one that for me will be a grower because the more the song went on the more I started to like it more. The instrumental is a little slower which works with the first verse in the most wonderful way. The chorus features a slow but up times upbeat chorus which is followed by a lovely upbeat instrumental. The second verse has a dark feel from the instrumental but the lyrics are catchy to me. Clara's lyrical ability is wonderful but for me the instrumental was a little darker sounding.

Crown is my favourite song of this EP if I am honest. I adore the upbeat vocals from Clara getting this EP a little more of who Clara is as an artist. The first verse is super catchy with it's wonderful lyrics as is the chorus when it goes straight into it. The second verse is just as fabulous as the first verse and this style of song definitely suits Clara. The bridge is a little moving and features wonderful lyrics. The lyrics are more edgier then I would have expected but it works for the style of song. I can't wait to hear this song live.

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Kellie x