Happy Wednesday!

This Friday (20th July), will see U.K. Singer/ Songwriter, Jade Helliwell release her brand new single Put It On You.
Jade co-wrote Put It On You with fellow Country artist, Jess Thristan.

Put It On You has an upbeat summery sort of vibe about the song right from the off and I love it instantly!
The first verse is very fun and catchy which grabs you right from the start thanks to Jade's beautiful vocal tone. It's obvious from the first verse that this song is about making the first move in a relationship and for that reason, I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this song. The chorus of Put It On You is also super catchy and fun along with also being one that I felt myself listening along with very single word within the song. It's great to hear a sassy, Jade!
The second verse is very funky and sorts the song incredibly well showcasing Jade's incredible song-writing skills with the help of Jess Thristan who co-wrote on this song.
The bridge of Put It On You fits in with this song brilliantly.
The guitar and drum instrumental although the song brings so much life to the song. Jade's vocal range is demonstrated incredibly well throughout this song.

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  1. Do follow jade can't wait to hear her new single as all of her music is great


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