Happy Saturday!

Next week (Wednesday 24th April) will see U.S Singer/ Song-writer Hailey Miller release her debut single The One. Hailey is a 19 year old, independent, Country Singer/Song-writer based in Nashville.

The One starts with a slow and soft guitar instrumental which gives the song such a wonderful feel right from the start which I personal love. The first verse showcases Hailey's soft vocals throughout many heartfelt lyrics which for me is just amazing as it allows everyone to get to know who Hailey is as an artist in her debut track. The chorus of The One is very catchy and continues the story telling beautifully and allows the listeners to paint a picture in our own minds to go with the lyrics whether you have been through it personally or you can just connect with the lyrics. The second verse allows Hailey to demonstrate more of her vocal range with her showing us her emotional side in parts - I adore this. The more I then hear the chorus the more I felt myself singing along. The final verse/ bridge is just incredible and is the perfect end to the sing because it once again shows off Hailey's soft just emotional vocal range. Artists who wear their heart on their sleeve to me are so special and Hailey is definitely one of them.

You can follow Hailey on her Social Media

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x