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I remember when I read the spoilers for this week and I was thinking why is Lachlan doing this to Liv and Robert but I have to admit - I love the thought of the drama but then at the same time I don't want anything to happen to Liv and Robert for Aarons sake.
Come Monday night I was very excited this week full of drama.

Monday's episode was written by Paul Coates and directed by Vicky Thomas.

The first time we saw Liv this week was when she was in The Woolpack with Robert and Doug about her plans for the summer and her plans to get a job. I do love how much Doug is looking out for Liv. Liv is so me when seeming so uninterested but will be grateful for the advice in the long run. Robert in a blue suit (screams) love him in a blue suit.
Doug: 'Have you thought about what your gonna do with your summer?'
Liv: 'Ibiza?'
Robert: 'Yeah, right. She's gonna get a job. Is there anything going at the B&B?'
Doug: 'Not that I know of.'
Robert: 'Oh, of course, I forgot you nearly destroyed the business and ran off with Brenda. (Liv laughs) Erm, better look elsewhere, Liv.'
Liv: 'I can find a job on my own, thank you.'
Doug: 'They migt have something at the caf.'
Robert: 'Perfect. You can take your CV there.'
Liv: 'CV? What, washing dirty dishes?'
Doug: 'No, Robert's right... You need to look professional. And like you actually want the job.' (Lachlan looks over his shoulder to Liv, Doug and Robert)

Copyright ITV

The second time, we saw Liv was when she was leaving The Woolpack with Robert and Doug talking about her CV and Robert is determined for her to create one. After Liv has left the pub, she was seen walking over to The Cafe when Liv's phone rung from what looked like Lachlan was phoning her after he was being sent messages from an unknown number to him. Love that Liv is doing this but I think there could be a twist! Could it be Rebecca and she doesn't remember?
Doug: (Doug, Robert and Liv leave The Woolpack) 'Do you need help with your CV?'
Liv: 'I've not got one. What would I put on it anyway? Spiking drinks with ketamine and a stretch inside?'
Robert: 'Liv, stop it.'
Doug: 'I've seen examples online. I mean, just tell 'em about helping us at the B&B, that sort of thing. Just to show them you're responsible.'
Liv: 'Yeah, all right.'
Doug: 'You can do that. I'll see you later.' (Doug leaves)
Liv: (looks at Robert) 'Hey, I'm serious about that job at the caf.'
Doug: 'Why don't you have a bash at a CV and I'll have a look at it when I get home. W
Liv: 'Why, where you going?'
Robert: 'Going into town for a few drinks. I won't be late. Here, get yourself something to eat.' (Liv leaves Robert)

(Lachlan then gets his phone out and starts calling the number and it looks like it could be Liv. Lachlan looks around and sees Liv getting her phone out of her pocket when it rings or does Liv have TWO phones)

Later, in The Mill, Lachlan enters after thinking it's Liv what has been texting him and decides to take the Carbon Monoxide Detector of the wall and takes the batteries out. WHY does Lachlan always take it one step too far!

The final time we saw Liv in this episode was when she was in The Mill alone when on she was also on the phone to Robert in The Mill. I did like the fact that we learnt that Robert and Aaron hate gory films - thanks Liv for that info aha.
Liv: (on the phone carrying food and her jacket on her arm) 'Yeah, come back as late as you want.Yeah the key's under the stone in case you lose your keys again. (places her drink and food on the kitchen table) Yeah. (jacket goes onto the chair) Yeah, it'll be done. I promise. Yes, I promise. (takes her drink and laptop to the sofa) I dunno, plonk on the sofa for a bit, chill out. (places drink down nearer her) Might watch something later. I dunno, something gory that you and Aaron wouldn't wanna watch. (types on laptop) Yeah, OK. I'll see ya later then. Bye.'

Tuesday's episode was written by Bill Taylor and directed by Diana Patrick.
The more I see the advert for this week's scenes the more I am getting anxious about this episode. But I do definitely think that Aaron will save Liv without realising that the man he loves is in the building.

The time in the episode that featured Robert was when he was seen letting Rebecca into The Mill when she was bringing Seb round for him to look after. Fluffy haired Robert is back. I also love that Robert offered Liv the chance to baby sit aha like you were gonna get an answer that early in the morning.
Robert: (Rebecca knocking on the door) 'Yeah, I'm coming.'
Rebecca: (unlocks the door) 'I've been knocking for ten minutes.' (Enters pushing Seb's pram and carrying Seb)
Robert: 'Sorry.'
Rebecca: 'Why aren't you dressed? It's half eight.'
Robert: 'Is it? I told Liv to wake me up. I've got a meeting at ten in Bridlington.'
Rebecca: 'Oh, that's nice, Seb's never been there. He's been fed. Might need a nappy change.'
Robert: (Rebecca passes Seb to Robert) 'You can't dump him on me out of the blue.'
Rebecca: 'Dump him? He lives here.'
Robert: 'You wanted to spend more time with him.'
Rebecca: 'Yes, and I had time yesterday.'
Robert: 'Well, you're supposed to have him today, as well.'
Rebecca: 'Well, Vic's gone on a cooking course in Pontefract for a few days. We agreed that I wouldn't look after him on my own. Please don't be difficult about this.'
Robert: 'Becks! (looks annoyed) (Shouts) Liv? Liv, you fancy doing a bit of babysitting?'

The second time we saw Robert was when he entered The Mill when he is shouting for Liv where Liv is a little out of it - then Liv appears to be sick. What has Lachlan done with the carbon monoxide detector? There is obviously a leak and Liv is feeling the first of the troubles.
Robert: (Entering The Mill) 'Liv? (closes the door and Liv comes down the stairs) Liv?'
Liv: 'All right, I heard you. Why aren't you at work?' (touching her head)
Robert: 'I wasn't feeling well earlier. Had to cancel my meeting in Bridlington. Have you been in bed all morning?'
Liv: 'Dunno, what time is it?'
Robert: 'It's midday. '
Liv: 'Is it?'
Robert: 'Yeah, I was hoping you'd look after Seb. Had to drop him at Diane's.'
Liv: 'D'you have any paracetamol?' (opens up a draw in the kitchen)
Robert: 'Why?'
Liv: 'Cos I've got a banging headache, why do you think?'
Robert: 'Yeah, it's in there. (Robert points to a draw in the kitchen and Liv takes one) (Liv retches) Are you OK?' (Liv coughs)
Liv: 'Do I look OK?'
Robert: 'What' bought this on?'
Liv: 'I don't know.' (Robert looks worried)

The third time, we got to see Robert and Liv was back in The Mill where Robert accuses Liv of drinking with them both starting to feel the affects of the poisoning of Lachlan's actions with the Carbon Monoxide Detector having no batteries in it. Robert and Liv arguing is the worst because we all know how much they love each other. Why can't Robert just believe Liv?! He will definitely feel guilty when he discovers that Liv was telling the truth the whole time.
Robert: 'Is there anything you wanna tell me?'
Liv: 'How'd you mean?' (Robert brings Liv a glass of water)
Robert: 'Well, I felt a bit rough first thing cos I was out drinking last night, what's your excuse?'
Liv: 'Why do I need an excuse?'
Robert: 'Have you been drinking again?'
Liv: 'No.'
Robert: (sitting on the arm of the chair) 'Liv, you can tell me, I won't get angry with you.'
Liv: 'Oh, brilliant, I'm a bit poorly and you immediately assume I'm necking vodka!'
Robert: 'I'm not having a go, right? It's as much my fault as anything. I shouldn't have left you on your own last night.'
Liv: 'Rob, I haven't had anything!'
Robert: 'Look at you.'
Liv: 'Look at you!'
Robert: 'Yeah, exactly. We're obviously both hung-over.'
Liv: 'Well, you might be.'
Robert: 'What would Aaron think?
Liv: 'He wouldn't think anything cos I haven't done anything wrong!'
Robert: 'I know you miss him. Is that why you've been hitting the bottle?'
Liv: 'I'm not listening to this.' (Liv gets up and leaves)
Robert: 'You're still drunk!'
Liv: 'No, I'm not!'
Robert: 'I don't wanna argue with you.'
Liv: 'Right, get off my case then!'
Robert: 'You are grounded.' (Robert points his fingers towards the door)
Liv: 'No, I'm not. I'm getting some fresh air.' (Liv slams the door)

The next time, we saw Liv was when she went to see Doug at Laurel's house where she is opening up to Doug about Robert thinking the worst of Liv (thinking that she has been drinking again, but you can understand why.) When Liv said 'He always thinks the worst of me' - my heart broke because of how close they both are!

We then got to see Liv was when she was gardening with Doug. Love how Liv and Doug's relationship is like father and daughter. Doug's advice (is actually truthful and all of us in the fandom) to Liv is wonderful and makes her see sense for sure. And Doug telling Liv to make it up with Liv makes me so happy!
(Doug and Liv are talking about gardening) Liv: 'Yeah. I'm feeling much better.'
Doug: 'Well enough to come the piece with Robert? '
Liv: 'No, I wouldn't go that far.'
Doug: 'You need to give him a break, you know.'
Liv: 'Why?'
Doug: 'Because he cares about ya.'
Liv: 'He thinks I'm an alcoholic.'
Doug: 'He only jumped to that conclusion because he's worried. I know what it's like - having someone in the family with a drink problem.'
Liv: 'Which I haven't got.'
Doug: 'Not anymore perhaps. But you never stop looking for the signs. It's easy to slip back into bad habits. '
Liv: 'Right, I get it. You don't have to keep banging on about it.'
Doug: 'Tough for Robert, you know. Aaron away. Tough for both of ya. You'd be supporting each other.'
(moments later) Doug: 'Liv you are no help whatsoever. If you want to do a good deed today? Go and make it up with Robert.'
Liv: 'All right. Going.' (Walks off)
Doug: 'Your a gooden.'

The next time Robert and Liv was when they were in The Mill after Liv came back to talk to Robert who is lying 'asleep' on the sofa which looks more like unconscious which is towards the end of the scene. I love how much Liv and Robert's relationship has changed over the past few months! Liv wanting to look after Robert is making me smile because they care about each other so much.
Liv: 'Rob? Rob!'
Robert: (really knackered) 'Finally came home then.'
Liv: 'Yeah, Doug told me to. Look, I'm sorry about earlier.'
Robert: 'Forget about it.'
Liv: 'I really haven't been drinking. You know, I want you to believe me.'
Robert: 'All right, it's okay. I... (groans as he sits up) I shouldn't have kicked off at you. I'm not at my best today.'
Liv: 'Still not feeling any better?'
Robert: 'No, if anything I feel worse. I don't get it, I never get hangovers like this. I must be coming down with something.'
Liv: 'I make some soup.'
Robert: 'Ugh, don't even mention food. I'll... I'll be fine in a bit.'
Liv: 'Rob, you're poorly, I wanna look after you. Have you had any painkillers?'
Robert: 'Yeah, it's not done much good.'
Liv: 'Right, well, I'll go to the chemist and get some stronger ones.'
Robert: 'Thanks. You're a good kid, Liv.'

We then next saw Robert was when he was on the sofa asleep when Lachlan then come back to The Mill to try and undo what he had done before Liv walked in on him. Lachlan's face is a picture!
Liv's face is one of utter shock and disgust.
(Robert's phones goes and Lachlan looks at it as Robert is asleep on the sofa) Liv: 'Sorry, I took so long. It's just... (closes the door and turns around to see Lachlan where Liv appears to be in complete shock) What you doing here?'
Lachlan: 'Get out of my way.'
Liv: 'Not until you tell me why you are here?'
Robert: 'I was er, talking to Robert about Seb.'
Liv: 'Is that true.. Rob? (Robert groans) How could you have been talking to him when he's asleep?'
Lachlan: 'I don't need to explain anything to you.'
Liv: 'Yeah, you do. Someone reckons your a big hero and then I'll freak and offer you free cash but I don't what your up too.
Copyright ITV (Both Pictures)

One thing about this scene that I don't understand is, is why Lachlan felt the need to push Liv (when he went back to help cos of Seb) when she'll possible tell everyone about what he did anyone and even more so after he pushed her.

Lachlan: 'You know what Liv, I'm getting really sick of you bothering me.'
Liv: 'Is that why you are sweating like a pig?'
Lachlan: 'Seriously? Leave me alone.'
Liv: 'Why's that?' (Lachlan goes to leave and Liv tries to stop him leading Lachlan to violently throw Liv against the wall knocking her unconscious)
Lachlan: (looking around at the damage and the state of Liv on the floor before going over to where she is laying on the floor, bends down to her body) 'Who's paying now, ey.' (looks at Robert before leaving)

Copyright ITV
Back in the final part of the episode, we got to see Liv and Robert unconscious in The Mill where they both look so extremely ill thanks to Lachlan's sad actions. Thank god Liv is trying to help them both get out of their situation. The camera angles at the start of this scene were fabulous.
(Liv starts to wake up, tries to get up too very slowly) 'Rob?' (then falls back on the floor)

Back at The Mill, Lachlan is sat outside watching the house when he then goes to try and stop Rebecca from going inside and when she does she sees Liv and Robert just lying on the floor unconscious and Rebecca begins to be suspicious of Lachlan. Rebecca looked so afraid of her nephew.

In the final scene of the episode, we saw that Aaron returned to The Mill where he saw Robert and Liv just lying on the floor unconscious bless him he's so shaken and but he calls 999. I absolutely adored  the fact that Aaron come back in the neck of time to say and help him save the love of his life and his little sis. But Aaron did have me in tears he broke my heart with his reaction. Danny - you are one amazing actor!
Aaron: 'I'm home! Who's... (drops his bags, stops) Liv? LIV? Liv? (hurries over to the couch) Robert, Rob... (Robert groans) What's happ... (hurries back to Liv) Liv! (gets his phone out) Come on, come on... Yeah... erm... ambulance, please.'

This episode has made me realise how much I LOVE Liv and Robert's relationship! And how much Aaron loves Robert (I know we all knew that did but since their reunion - nothing has changed which I adore!)

Wednesday's episode was written by Kirsty Halton and directed by Diana Patrick.
Knowing that in this episode Aaron is supporting Chas through the tough time she is having goes to show what an amazing relationship they have!

Copyright ITV

In the first scene of the episode tonight, we saw that Robert was in hospital with Aaron and Liv by his bedside and my god the parallels we got from the Super Soap Week where Aaron was in hospital but heart couldn't take it especially Aaron stroking Robert's arm. But I did adore the fact Aaron was allowed to be the one looking after Robert and Liv for once instead of them looking after him. But one thing that stood out to be was the fact that Liv was sit but he's bedside yet months back she was telling him to drop dead - how things changed! 
(Aaron is at Robert's bedside when Liv walks in with 2 cups of water) Liv: 'He still asleep?'
Aaron: 'Yeah. (Liv gives a glass to Aaron) How's your head?'
Liv: 'Aching. (Robert starts to move) It's probably a bad dream. Lachlan was in mine last night. Which I guess qualifies as a nightmare now.'
Aaron: 'Don't start all that again.'
Liv: 'I'm not starting. It's just weird.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, well, that's concussion for you.'
(Moments later by Robert's bedside) Aaron: 'Morning. (Robert removing his mask) look you need to keep that on.'
Robert: 'I feel terrible.'
Aaron: 'Ah, you look it. (Liv chuckles) You're alright though that's all that matters.'
Liv: 'Yeah, you had carbon monoxide poisoning.'
Robert: 'Yeah, they said. (looks at Liv) I don't get it though.'
Aaron: 'I found you fast asleep in the flat, and Liv. (looks at Robert) Although she (looks at Liv) managed to trip over and bang her head on something somehow.'
Liv: 'Yeah. I couldn't let you have all the attention, could I?' (looks at Robert)
Robert: 'Where's Seb?'
Aaron: 'Diane had him for the night, remember?'
(Doctor walks in) 'Ah! Back with us. That's good to see. We've still bringing your carboxyhaemoglobin levels down.'
Aaron: 'But he's gonna be alright though, yeah?'
Doctor: 'The oxygen's doing its job. (Aaron looks back to Robert) we'll keep checking your bloods. But for now plenty of rest. And if you have any nausea or dizziness let us know straight away.' (leaves)
Robert: 'How, How did it happen?'
Aaron: 'Come on - do as you're told. (Robert touches his mask) Put it on. (Robert's mask in back on) We don't know how it happened. It's probably the boiler, but let's get you better first then worry about that later, yeah?' (Aaron and Liv look across at each other)

I am not ok with all these parallels...

The second time we saw Aaron, Robert and Liv was when Chas and Paddy come back from their holiday and arrived at the hospital to visit Robert and check on his son. I love how Aaron is so sad for his mum with her current situation. Love that Chas is being so honest too. “We’re all okay thanks to Aaron” “Well, You’re not getting rid of me that easily” - were the two lines that got to me in this scene.
(Aaron gets up as Chas and Paddy enters Robert's hospital room) Chas: 'Don't. You'll set me off.' (Chas and Aaron hug tightly)
Aaron: 'You didn't need to come back, Mum.'
Chas: 'Course we did. (looks towards Liv) How you doing?'
Liv: 'Yeah, fine.' (Paddy is sat next to Liv)
Chas: (sits in Aaron's chair, looking at Robert) 'You gave me a right scare.'
Robert: 'We're all OK now, thanks to Aaron.'
Aaron: 'OK, you're not getting rid of me that easily.' (sits on the end of Robert's bed)
Chas: 'You need an alarm.'
Aaron: 'We've got one. '
Chas: 'One that works!'
Robert: 'I only changed the batteries last week.'
Chas: 'And you checked them?'
Robert: 'Yeah, obviously.'
Chas: 'Well something's gone wrong. Can't be too careful with this kind of stuff.'
Aaron: 'Well get a new one. I promise yer. (looks at Liv) Have you heard anything from Rebecca?'
Liv: 'No, I've called a few times. Texted her. Nothing.'
Aaron: 'Well she needs to get in touch. It's not like we can have Seb until the flat's safe.'
Chas: (to Robert) 'And you better not be thinking of going back there until it is.'
Robert: 'We'll stay at the B and B.'
Chas: 'No, you'll stay at the pub.'
Aaron: 'No, mum, there's no room, and you don't need the stress.'
Robert: 'Try Rebecca again. She's probably just left her phone somewhere.'

The third time we saw Aaron and Robert was when they were seen arriving into The Woolpack. Robert looks rather tried and he can't help but think the worst. Robert stressing about his son.
Zak: 'Hey, couple of more pints for the lads.'
Robert: 'Oh no. I'll just stick to the orange juice, thanks.'
Lydia: 'Very sensible, after a close shave with death.'
Sam: 'Where's Liv?'
Robert: 'She's with Diane and Seb. They're sorting a room out.'
(Moments later) Robert: 'I need to know how it happened. If we'd been in there any longer...'
Aaron: 'Yeah, well, you weren't, were you? So can we just stop thinking about it?'
Paddy: 'Least you've got the gas engineer coming in.'
Lachlan: (turns around) 'They, er, they said anything?'
Robert: 'No, not yet. Has Rebecca showed up? (Lachlan shakes his head) They'd better know what they're doing. Cos if Seb would have been there, he'd have died. I'm not risking my kid's life.'
Aaron: 'All right, Robert, they'll sort it.' (Chas leaves)
Paddy: 'Where you going? You all right?'
Chas: 'Yeah, yeah. Just wiped out. Bit of a shock, coming back to all this.'
(Lachlan types a message, Lydia comes to talk to him, Aaron leaves to go after Chas, Robert gets a message)
Robert: 'Lachlan? Have you seen this? It's from Rebecca. It says she's taken herself to Ibiza.'

The next time we saw Aaron was when he want into the back of The Woolpack where Chas and Aaron had a heart-to-heart. Chas' rather emotional and scenes like this with Lucy and Danny are just amazing. Chas is so strong and you can definitely see where Aaron gets it from. I also loved that Chas was brave enough to open up to Aaron!
(Aaron followed Chas in the back room of The Woolpack. Aaron closes the door and goes to sit on the sofa alongside Chas)
Aaron: 'Robert and his big mouth, eh?'
Chas: 'I'm fine.'
Aaron: 'Why don't you and Paddy go and finish your holiday? Mum, you deserve a proper break.'
Chas: 'It wasn't that much fun, really.'
Aaron: 'Thought you said you were having a laugh?'
Chas: 'I know. I lied. Just everywhere we went it was, "When are you due?", "Is it a boy, is it a girl?"
Aaron: 'You should've told'em to get lost.'
Chas: 'You can't do that, can you? You can't exactly tell them the truth. So you just have to pretend to be happy. And part of you just wants to scream, it's not fair, and it's not right. But what would that do? Hm? So I'd just make my excuses and get away because I didn't want to tell them that my beautiful baby girl is going to die.'
Aaron: 'I don't know how you're coping.'
Chas: 'I don't think I am. But I'm gonna try my damndest, for her.'
Aaron: 'You're amazing, you know that? And you are allowed to cry.'
Chas: 'Love, if I start, I might never stop.'

The fifth time we saw Aaron and Robert was they were sat at the bar talking about Rebecca. Robert is rather shocked. Liv then re-enters and looks at Lachlan with the look of death and I can't say I blame you, Liv!
(As Aaron leaves he bumps in Liv) Aaron: 'Oh hiya, you settled in alright?'
Liv: 'Yeah.'
Robert: 'Remember what I said. No giving him grief, yeah. Oi. You OK?'
Liv: 'Yeah. Think my concussion running off.' (looking at Lachlan)
Aaron: 'Well that's good. See you later.' (Aaron leaves)

The final scene of the episode we saw Liv following Lachlan out of the pub and Live remembers seeing Lachlan. Lachlan you have been caught so please just own up because we all know Liv is going to found out anyway!! I am so ready for all these scenes with Liv discovering the truth about what happened to her and Robert.
Liv: 'Running away?'
Lachlan: 'From what?'
Liv: 'You were there... Yesterday.'
Lachlan: (laughs) 'I don't know what you are on about.'
Liv: 'In the flat. Robert was, was on the sofa (looks confused) And you pushed me over.'
Lachlan: 'Something not right with you.'
Liv: 'You left as both to die.'
Lachlan: 'OK, Liv. I erm, think you should get back to hospital for that knock on ya head, clearly worst than we thought.'
Liv: 'I'm not imagining this.'
Lachlan: 'I've not been anyway near the flat, so you must be.'
Liv: 'I'm not letting this go. (follows Lachlan around the corner) I know you were there, Lachlan. I'm gonna find out why.' (Lachlan smirks before walking off)

In Thursday's episode we saw Liv start drinking again which absolutely broke my heart because no one was believing her but did love the fact Robert was sticking up for her.
In Friday's episode we saw Liv apologise to Lachlan after hearing Aaron and Robert talking about her with Lydia and Lachlan, we surprised me because we know what she saw was real and so does she was a little weird for me personally. Liv definitely felt uncomfortable apologising! Please don't start doubting yourself, Liv. I do adore the fact that Liv has Robert on her side.


Special mentions

Isobel Steele is a diamond of a young actress with a super bright future ahead especially after this week's scenes. I adore the fact that Isobel knows her character inside and out and knows exactly how to portray Liv. Love how well this week's scenes were with Ryan and Tom. You showed us why you deserved Best Young Actor Award at this year's Soap Awards. 
Danny Miller really knows how to play the emotional scenes and smash them every time with very single emotion. You and Lucy are just incredible actors and support each other so amazingly well with every single scenes you have ever filmed together.
Ryan Hawley you played this week's scenes so well and I love how well you, Isobel and Tom have worked together in this week's scenes.
Thomas Atkinson has much as I hate Lachlan, Tom is such a wonderful actor and plays Lachlan so well. Love how Tom plays such a nasty character yet he is the loveliest person. I like the fact that Tom, Ryan and Isobel worked so well in this week's scenes.

You can watch this week's scenes here.

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x


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