Happy Tuesday!

Danny McMahon (who I recently feature on this page) played Buckle and Boots Country Music Festival in Stockport under 2 weeks ago and I was lucky enough to have caught up with Danny to talk about how he found his first experience there.

Hello Danny. Thank you so much like always for agreeing to have this interview with me.

You played Buckle and Boots Festival on Saturday, could you tell us a little about the experience?
It was my favourite show I’ve played so far this year! The crowd were electric and so enthusiastic! I’m not ashamed to say they made me cry by cheering so loudly at the end of the set!

It was your first time performing at Buckle and Boots, did you enjoy your experience?
I loved every moment! The atmosphere and the people were incredible. I also got to hang with Filmore after his set which was super cool!

What was the audience response like to your set?
I was a little worried as we had the hangover slot at 1:15 haha! However people came out and the crowd were something special! I felt so welcomed!

Could you tell us a little about your setlist?
I tried to keep the setlist really upbeat for Buckle and Boots as well as popping in a cover of “Aw Naw” by Chris Young. It’s so important when you have such a short set to make sure you get the energy absolutely spot on!

You released your EP, a few days months ago, please tell me the audience really enjoyed those songs?
“It Don’t Work That Way” and “Move” were the two new songs in the set for B&B and they went down great! I love finished the set with the former because of the energy it maintains throughout! I think an exciting energy is something that really sell the bands live show!

Did you love the Country Music Festivals the festival gave you? And seeing the way the UK Fans treasure the music you artists play?
I think everything about the British Country scene is so special! The way the community embrace new artists is amazing and it gives you the confidence to go out and just do you and you know that they’re gonna be totally okay with that. That’s a lovely feeling!

Were there any highlights from the festival for you Danny?
The cheer at the end of my set has literally made my year!

Did you get the chance to catch any of the other artists perform?
Yeah I loved Filmore’s set! I though his energy and crowd interaction was awesome! The Wandering Hearts also out on a super performance as ever!
I also really enjoyed Robbie Kavanagh’s set in the Paddock Stage!

Thank you for reading my interview with Danny.
Kellie x