Happy Tuesday!

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Next week in Thursday's double episode, we get to see Aaron telling her sister Liv (whilst she is doing the housework or so it appears) that he is planning to propose to Robert leaving Liv feeling anxious along with Robert. Can you imagine the look on Liv's face when Aaron tells her.

In the second episode of the evening, we get to see a nervous Robert continuing to worry (does he know what Aaron is planning or are they both planning to do the same thing for each other?) Aaron is then trying to plan his surprise proposal (I really do hope that Liv is helping him?

In the final episode of the week, we get to see Chas and Victoria team up for their surprise. However, the plans are then put into jeopardy when Robert goes awry leaving them all feeling very worried.
Could this mean for Aaron's proposal to Robert?

Just writing this, I can feel myself getting far too excited!

Written by Kellie x