Happy Monday!

This Friday (22nd June), Hannah Paris will be releasing her new single 'L.A.' Hannah wrote this song when she was travelling around America but whilst the song isn't about the trip itself it sure did give her this wonderful idea.

It's a very quirky and upbeat song throughout. I love the electric guitar throughout adds so much to the track. The lyrics are very heartfelt - happy and sad! I do love the honesty that we get from Hannah. And you are hear the passion throughout, artists who show their vulnerable side are something rather special and Hannah is no expectation!
The chorus is super catchy and I love the vibes that it gives off about anyone being able to run after any opportunity that you are given. Take that leap of faith it will be worth it anyway! The second verse is beautiful the lyrics are suited to the vocal range Hannah changes too, works wonderfully well. The bridge is stunning and with the backing sounding softer it allows Hannah, her chance to shine with the beautiful vocals that she has.

Thank you for reading .
Kellie x