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Monday's episode was written by Bill Taylor and directed by Sarah Kendall.

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The first and only scene of the episode which featured Aaron was when he was with Paddy painting the babies' room, I do love  a smiling Aaron. But Aaron noticing Chas looks worried and they hug tightly. Chas reminding Aaron that Liv is out tomorrow and Aaron's smile was so beautiful - he can't wait to have his sister back! I am so ready for all the Roblivion scenes!
Aaron: (Music playing in the background) 'I mean, it's a bit...'
Paddy: 'Aaron, seriously! I've been at this for ten hours straight! If you're gonna criticise my labour of love, I'm telling you now, I've got a roller full of paint.'
Aaron: (Smilingly laughing) 'No, it's just... What is that?!'
Paddy: 'It's a sheep dog. It's clearly a sheep dog.'
Aaron: 'You're sure you couldn't afford a professional painter and decorator to do all this?'
Paddy: 'Warned ya, didn't I?!'
Aaron: 'No, no don't! Don't!'
(Chas and Paddy talk)
Aaron: (walks towards Chas looking concerned) 'You all right, Mum?'
Chas: 'Yeah. Of course. Come here.'
Aaron (They hug) 'You would tell me if there was a problem wouldn't ya?'
Chas: 'Don't I always? I couldn't be happier.'
Aaron: 'Right.'
Chas: 'Isn't Liv... due back tomorrow?'
Aaron: (smiling) 'Yeah.'
Chas: 'Right, well you better get home and get it ready for her then.'
Aaron: 'OK. (goes leaves) Y'know, I can't believe Paddy did all this. It is actually pretty impressive. That baby's lucky to have you two.' (Aaron smiles)

Tuesday's episode was written by Caroline Mitchell and directed by Jeff Naylor.
I am excited to be having Isobel back on screen and iback in the Village with her brother. I am so ready for a Roblivion!

The first scene of the episode with Aaron and Robert who were in The Café where Aaron has bought doughnuts for Liv to welcome her home. I love that Aaron is as excited as I am to have Liv back. Aaron and Robert look good tonight.
Aaron: 'Got her six cream doughnuts.'
Robert: 'Give us one, then.'
Aaron: 'No! Get your hands off. It's a welcome back pressie.'
Robert: 'Last of the big spenders(!)'
Faith: 'Hip, hip, hooray, our Liv's home today!'
Aaron: 'Yeah, from a detention centre, Gran, not a brownie camp.'
Faith: 'Well, I was just saying to Chas, we ought to throw her a party in the pub.'
Robert: 'The pub sees a bit crass, after her problems.'
Faith: 'Oh, she'll be over all that by now. (walks away) Hey! The only drink problem I ever had was running out!'

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The second time we saw Aaron and Robert reunited was Liv was when they were in The Mill after arriving home with Liv. Live suggesting to Aaron about going to the pub to see everyone. Liv seems so down thanks to not having Gerry around but I love that Aaron is trying to cheer her up. Robert looking over at Aaron and Liv on the sofa when he was in the kitchen, love how much he loves them both!
(Aaron, Liv and Robert carrying Seb arrive back in The Mill arriving after they have collected Liv)
Aaron: (Aaron picks up the doughnuts) 'So, we got you some welcome-home doughnuts.'
Liv: 'You know me so well.' (Liv takes the doughnuts)
Robert: (Aaron sits on the sofa) 'You can't eat all of them, surely.' (Liv sits down)
Aaron: 'Back off, Tubby!' (Aaron looks at Robert)
Liv: 'It's so quiet.'
Robert: 'I'll go and put the kettle on for the doughnut session.' (keeps up Gerry's drawing book)
Liv: 'Why don't we go to the pub later? (Aaron looks around) Not to drink. Just to see everyone and catch up.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, yeah. If you sure that's what you want.'
Liv: (opens Gerry drawing book) 'I wish I could say it's nice to be home but... Amelia's missing and Gerry's dead, so...'
Aaron: 'Well, I'm still glad to have you back. I've missed you.'
Robert: 'Yeah, we all have.'
Liv: 'Me too.' (looks at Aaron)

The third time we saw Aaron and Liv were in the street when they were walking to the pub but not before they bumped in Lachlan and Belle then Doug and Diane in which Liv hugs Doug. Love how Liv had Doug smiling after so long. Love Liv and Doug's friendship thanks to Gerry.
(Liv and Aaron walk up the road) Belle: 'Hey! It's nice to see your face again!'
Liv: 'Yeah, you too.'
Aaron: 'Is there any news on Amelia?'
Belle: 'No, not that we've heard.'
Liv: 'So awful. Hey, look, I'm sorry about your mum leaving. If I hadn't of...'
Belle: 'No, it's not your fault. And I'm glad that you're back for Gerry's funeral.'
Liv: 'Can't get my head around how it happened.' (Belle and Lachlan leave)
Diane: 'When Eric hears about that solicitors letter.'
Doug: 'So we keep it zipped till we've got some advice.'
(Diane and Doug spot Liv) Doug: 'Liv, it's good to see you back. And I'm so, so sorry about Gerry.' Liv: (goes over to hug Doug) 'I know you liked him. You wouldn't hurt him.'
Doug: 'You don't know what that means, to hear you say that. You have no idea.'
Diane: 'You're the first person to put a smile on his face for weeks.'

The final time we saw Aaron and Liv was when they were in The Woolpack where Faith raised a glass to her return. Liv looks so worried, what a challenge being in the pub without a drink must have been for her - here's hoping the prison changed her when it comes to this! Everyone seems so pleased to have her back.
(In The Woolpack) Faith: 'To our little, Liv!'
Chas: 'Welcome home kid.'
Marlon: 'A day sooner, you could've helped him do the nursery.'
Paddy: 'To child labour.'
Liv: 'I'm really excited for you two.'
Paddy: 'Not as excited as us.'
(Debbie, Joe and Sarah enter, minutes later)
Sarah: 'Liv, it's so great you're home.' (They hug)
Liv: 'Yeah, it's really great to be back.'

Wednesday's episode was written by Bill Lyons and directed by Jeff Naylor.

The first scene of the episode with Liv is when she is going through Gerry's things and Gabby comes around. Liv's face when she's reunited with Gabby - love their friendship. Liv admitting Gabby about her drinking problems and what a brave move that was. Thank god Gabby is supporting her by getting rid of the alcohol which Liv was rather tense about.
(Liv looking through Gerry's art book before moving to his things in a box next to her picking up alcohol holder then shakes it. Gabby then enters)
Gabby: 'Liv?'
Liv: 'Gabby! (Liv gets up and Gabby closes the door, they both then hug each other) Oh, I've not seen you in so long!'
Gabby: 'I missed you so much.'
Liv: 'Me too. '
Gabby: 'Are you busy.'
Liv: 'Well, yeah. I'm supposed to be revising but I'd rather see you.'
Gabby: 'Well, you only just got your freedom back, you ought to be celebrating.'
Liv: 'Yeah, I'm still coming to terms with Gerry. Mm, I'm just going through the stuff Aaron left for me.'
Gabby: 'Yeah, I can't really get my head around it either.'
Liv: 'It's so weird him not being here. Being inside teaches you how important your mates are.'
Gabby: 'Well, I'm glad we can get things back the way they were between us.'
Liv: 'Not quite. I was drinking far too much.'
Gabby: 'Yeah, Aaron said. Look, I should've seen.'
Liv: 'I thought I was really smart hiding it. But I was just making it worse. My tutor inside, Steve, he said, 'If you wanna make anything of your life, then sort yourself out.'
Gabby: 'Well, if there's anything I can do to help...'
Liv: 'Yeah, actually. (picks up the alcohol holder) 'This is full. And the longer it stays full, the more I'm gonna want it.'
Gabby: 'Well, I guess it has to go, then.' (Gabby takes it from Liv and walks to the kitchen to get rid of it. Gabby then pours it down the drain)

The second and final time in which we saw Liv was when she was with Gabby and they give Gerry's 'uncle' some of his things. Lachlan's face was like his secret.

Thursday's 7pm episode was written by Martin Fustes and directed by Jeff Naylor.

The first scene of the episode with Liv and Aaron were in The Mill and Aaron was testing Liv on her maths questions ahead of her exams but she's worried about how everyone will see her at school bless her, I would be so worried too, Liv. I do adore Isobel and Danny's scenes together!
Aaron: 'I've done a good job of ironing that shirt, haven't I?' (Liv packing her school bag and looks at shirt) All right so, go on, tell me what the square root of 158 is? (Aaron looks confused) It's a maths exam, innit?'
Liv: 'Yeah. Testing whether I understand maths, not if I'm a walking computer.'
Aaron: (chuckles) 'All right. You hungry?' (Aaron gets up from the sofa)
Liv: 'When I was in the Youth Offenders, I did the exams on my own.'
Aaron: 'Sounds like you miss it.'
Liv: 'I wanna do the rest of them on my own. Everyone's gonna be looking at me. They know where I've been.'
Aaron: 'Listen, I've spoken to the school. They're gonna do everything to support you. Liv, it's gonna be fine. Just focus on the questions that's what everyone else is gonna be doing.'
Liv: 'Yeah, you're right. Can we stop on the way?'
Aaron: 'Yeah, what for?'
Liv: 'Bacon butty. Thought it was nerves, but I'm starving.' (Liv chuckles and smiles)
Aaron: 'Mm. Yeah.'

The second time we saw Aaron and Liv was when Liv was back from her exam in The Mill kitchen where she and Aaron were talking, it's scenes like this I love and their relationship is so sweet and loving. The looks on their faces are so genuine it shows so much. Lets protect Aaron and Liv at all costs.
Aaron: (In The Mill Kitchen, Liv eating a packet of crisps before sitting down at the table) 'Oh. This your way of telling me the exam went badly?' (Aaron sits down opposite Liv)
Liv: 'Erm, who knows? But I do know I need to refuel my brain.'
Aaron: 'Mm-hm. Fair enough. How were the other kids?'
Liv: 'OK. Erm... I got a few looks off people. Few girls, especially. But then, I thought... Gerry wouldn't have given two stuffs, would he? He didn't let people get him down. He didn't care. Did his own thing. I mean, I'm still really behind on revision for other exams in other subjects but I'm trying not to let that get the better off me.'
Aaron: 'And don't forget, Doug's offered to help with the revision as well.'
Liv: 'I know, I don't wanna take advantage though.'
Aaron: 'I'm sure you wouldn't be. I reckon he'd welcome the distraction.'
Liv: (eats crisps and Aaron goes to grab the packet) 'Oh, come on! (Chuckles)

Friday's episode was written by Karin Young and directed by Neil Alderton.

The first and final scene of the episode this week was when Liv and Aaron were in the Church when they were attending Gerry's funeral. Liv look devastated to be saying her goodbyes to her best friend - Liv's face is the whole fandom after learning about Gerry's death.
Jai: (Chip whines) 'Do you think I was wrong, you know, to bring the dog?'
Priya: 'We'll find out when she pees on you.'
Liv: 'It's a funeral. '
Aaron: 'Oi, come on. Gerry would've found it funny.' (Liv looks so sad and has Harriet speaks Liv is genuinely crying!)


You can watch all of this weeks scenes here.

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