Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, I was in Manchester with one of my best friends and what a wonderful day we had at looking around Media city.

Although the journey to Manchester was the easiest due to cattle on the train line adding a 45 minutes to an hour delay it was worth it because who knew visiting a place such as Media City could inspire you so much to go and achieve your dreams even if they do seem so far away at the moment! Nothing is going to stop me now!

There is something super magical about this place and you can definitely see why so many people including my friends enjoying visiting here!

The BBC studios are nothing like you would expect because I was thinking they’d be rather small and not much was actually filmed there but my god was a wrong - there was queues for recordings, people doing tours of the different buildings and I was so surprised to realise that CBeebies was were because I’ve always thought it was based in London. Then we spotted the Blue Peter studios and all my childhood memories of that show quickly came flooding back to me!

And then I spotted the Coronation Street studios and my god I was in my element as everyone knows how much I love my soaps. Growing up watching Corrie, and never visiting the old set which is now demolished  - I am rather inspired to visit the new one and see what I have been watching because I am sure it’s a lot smaller than it looks on TV but then I could be wrong as I thought there whole building was a lot smaller that it was with it being so much bigger in reality! My childhood

We also visited the Lowry Outlet and what great shops they have and the Cadbury's shop, we were in
heaven if only we had more time in there!

I love how all I was saying was how inspiring and beautiful this place was and how I can’t wait to come back again!! And you know what I am planning my trip back always 👍🏻

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x