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Wednesday's episode was written by Jo Maris and directed by Alan Wareing.
Ahead of the episode, I was very excited that we would be getting Aaron and Robert back on screen after 10 days, I am sure I was not the only one very happy about this!

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The first of two small scenes which featured Aaron and Robert was in the back of The Woolpack giving Chas Liv's glitter ball for their engagement party tomorrow Aaron's face when he had over the glitter ball was funny but things quickly turned to Liv chat as Chas is off to see her in the prison. Aaron and Liv are desperate to see each other but their stubbornness is getting the best of them both!
Aaron: (hands over a glitter ball) 'There you go. It's for your engagement party tomorrow.'
Chas: 'Wow! You own a glitter ball.'
Paddy: 'Is that what you have on after a hard day at the scrapyard? Start slow dancing with your mate.'
Robert: 'It's Liv's.'
Paddy: 'Yeah, right.'
Chas: 'And does she know you're loaning it out?'
Aaron: 'Oh, I can hardly ask her when she won't even see me, can I?'
Chas: 'Maybe, I could mention it today. Seems little Miss Cope Alone isn't as not bothered as we thought. She rang me.'
Robert: 'Well, that's kind of good, isn't it?'
Aaron: 'Yeah, well, tell her I wanna see her too. Not that I'm hassling her, but I just want her to know...'
Chas: 'Don't worry, big brother. I will.'
Paddy: 'If anyone can get through to Liv, it's her. It's the irresistible smell of ginger biscuits and... Been sick again? '
Aaron: 'I rinsed my hair.'
Paddy: 'Sorry. There's definitely some... Erm, anyway she's your woman.'
Aaron: 'Right, yeah. Well, erm, do your best for me, yeah? See you.' (Aaron leaves with Robert)

The second and final time we saw Aaron and Robert they were in The Woolpack where they walked in and Robert carrying Seb in with him. Aaron soon goes up to Chas and asks about how her visit with Liv went. Aaron's face is broken when Chas tells him, he is still having little sister too much and with Chas knowing how much they are both struggling she wishes one of them would back down.
Rebecca: (Robert walks in with Seb and Aaron) 'Hi. baby boy! (Robert hand Seb to Rebecca) Oh, my goodness. Hi.'
Belle: 'Could I please have a hold?'
Rebecca: 'Yeah, sure. Go on, then.' (Rebecca hands Seb to Belle)
Aaron: 'Did you go and see Liv?'
Gerry: 'How was she?'
Chas: 'Dour, surly, lots of eye-rolling. Same as the norm.'
Gerry: 'There's my girl.'
Aaron: 'The truth?'
Chas: 'Honestly, you two. Sometimes I could just ring both your necks.'
Aaron: 'Right. She didn't wanna know, then.'
Robert: 'Has she any idea how much he wants to see her?'
Aaron: 'Did you mention the drinking?'
Chas: 'No, she didn't. But I did, like an idiot. I should have just kept my gob shut. I'm sorry, love, but I don't think I've done you any favours.'
Aaron: 'Well, she'll be home soon, won't she? I don't care how mardy she is, she gets the help whether she likes it or not.'

Thursday's 7pm episode was written by Paul Roundell and directed by Tim Finn.
Ahead of this episode when we were told that Aaron faced a tension reunion with Liv but my god I never realised it was going to be as tense as it was! And after seeing Liv's face in the preview photos last week, I can't help but be worried about!

Ahead of the episode, Emmerdale previewed a clip showing Aaron with Robert when he received a worrying phone call from the prison which leaves Aaron very anxious.

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The first time we saw Aaron and Robert was when Aaron received a phone call from an unknown number which turned out to be The Young Offenders. Aaron was left feeling very worried for his little sister, seeing Aaron stressed makes me worry about him! But I love how Aaron and Robert are looking on point.
Robert: 'See? Everything looks better on a full belly.'
Aaron: 'Swimming shorts don't.'
Robert: 'Aaron Dingle made a gag. A weak one, but he made it.'
Aaron: 'It's only gonna be a bit longer then Liv'll be home. So, not much can't happen between now and then. (phone rings) Yeah. Who's this? (answers phone) Hello. Yeah. Who's this? She's what? Look she alright? Look, I'm not to bothered about that at the minute, mate, just said is she alright? Yeah. Yeah, of course I can. Cheers.' (puts phone down)
Robert: 'What was that?'
Aaron: 'That's me eating my words. I need my car.'

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At the Young Offenders where Aaron is back to be reunited with his little sister for the first time since she asked him not to contact her or come and visit her... Aaron looks so thrilled to see Liv and visa versa. Liv opening up to Aaron about why she got into the fight and her face broke me. But I do rather like the fact that Aaron and his sarcasm made a return, something that only happens when his with his loved ones! I love that Liv has finally seen sense thanks to Chas' words yesterday!
Aaron: (sits down) 'You OK?'
Liv: 'Yeah.'
Aaron: 'Quick tip for prison life, fighting's not gonna make you very popular.'
Liv: 'Brilliant. There's that delivery of sarcasm I ordered(!)'
Aaron: 'Well?'
Liv: 'Well, I could do without people punching me.'
Aaron: 'I imagine she punched you because you punched her first. The warden told me you started it.'
Liv: 'Top grass.'
Aaron: 'So, what was it about?'
Liv: 'They wouldn't let me see ya would they?'
Aaron: 'That's cos you said no to the visiting orders. '
Liv: 'Well then Steven spoke to me and Chas made me see sense yesterday and this lot still wouldn't let me see you until next week.'
Aaron: 'It's already Thursday.'
Liv: 'Felt like a long time.' (Aaron smiles at Liv)

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Back at The Young Offenders, Aaron admits to Liv that he was thrilled that she wanted to see him. Aaron just wanting to protect Liv is adorable to watch and I love their on-screen relationship so much. Aaron talking to Liv about her drinking and her admitting it's a problem was a massive step and one I am very proud of Liv for telling Aaron about. I am thrilled to see that she feels like she can talk about it with her brother so openly - even if it has taken her a few weeks.
Liv: 'Cheers.' (Aaron brings them both a drink)
Aaron: 'It's that bad?'
Liv: 'Yeah. Sore lip.'
Aaron: 'Well, that's what happens if you get yourself in a fight.'
Liv: 'Hers is worse.'
Aaron: (Scoffs) 'Is that supposed to make me proud? I am gad you wanted to see me though. No matter how many people it took to convince ya.'
Liv: 'I might have been a bit harsh on ya, the things I said.'
Aaron: 'I've been told worse. So are you done being mad at me?'
Liv: 'What do you think?'
Aaron: 'Well, I guess we'll probably find out in about three seconds. This drinking...'
Liv: 'Yeah. it's a bit of a problem.'
Aaron: 'Are you being sarcastic?'
Liv: 'No. I'm not.' (Liv looks ashamed)

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With Liv feeling the ready to open up to her brother about her drinking troubles. Bless her, I can't begin to imagine what she is going through! Aaron offering to support his sister through everything is just incredible because even after everything is he always gonna be there for Liv, nothing will stop him and I love this attitude from him. Seeing Aaron smile again thanks to his visit with Liv makes me super happy! But I don't like how emotional Liv is making me with how open she is being - part of me kind of feels like she could still be hiding something to protect Aaron from heartache. But with an incredible supportive brother like Aaron, Liv will be just fine!!
But I do still have a gut feeling that Steve is maybe doing something to Liv...
Aaron: 'So, how badly are you into it?'
Liv: 'Well, I like it. I like the effect of it, anyway. And I've not had any in here though, so it's not like I'm shaking and gibbering... any more.'
Aaron: 'Well, the real test will be when you get out, won't it? (Liv nods) I'll be there, whatever you need.'
Liv: 'I need you to give yourself a break. That's why, y'know, I said I'd tell you stuff last time.'
Aaron: 'You told me a few things, don't worry about that!'
Liv: 'Yeah. I know. It was easier to do that, than admit I've got a problem.'
Aaron: 'It's done now.'
Liv: 'I don't wanna keep secrets. Steve says do one thing at a time, one step at a time. I don't want to drink, and I want to do well at this school stuff.'
Aaron: 'Well, that's good news.'
Liv: 'I don't want to be left behind. For the sake of one year dossing around, I don't wanna look back in 70 and think, "if only."'
Aaron: 'D'you think you'll pass your exams?'
Liv: 'Dunno. Steve reckons I MIGHT just scrape through. I mean I can take them again, though, actually put some work in, and build a future or whatever.' (Aaron laughs)
Aaron: 'I dunno where this attitude has come from, but I like it.'
Liv: 'Well, it's not gonna come overnight, and that's OK. Steve says there's this really weird Japanese phrase, you "Fall down seven time, get up eight." Which doesn't make sense, because surely if you fall down seven time you only need to get up-'
Both: 'Seven times.'
Liv: 'Yeah.'
Aaron: 'Sounds like Steve's got it all worked out.'
Liv: 'Yeah. I'm not gonna have a Steve on the outside though, am I?'

Thursday's 8pm episode was written by Paul Roundell and directed by Tim Finn.
I am not writing very mention because you'd get bored but I have included a few and obviously the Robron scene!

With Chas still asking Paddy and Robert about where Aaron is as he is not at the engagement party but little does she know that he is visiting Liv. If only she knew where he was she wouldn't be so worried about her son.
Chas: 'So, what's keeping him?'
Robert: 'Keeping who? '
Chas: 'Well, who isn't here who we're both quite fond of?'
Paddy: 'Mel and Sue. Frank Bruno. Erm...'
Robert: 'Aaron, right. (Paddy's doing signs behind Chas' back) He's erm, he's playing cards.'
Chas: 'What?'
Robert: 'He's fastening his shoe laces. (Chas looks at Paddy) His shoes came off and he's putting them back on.' (Robert leaves)

Moments later, Aaron is walking out of the shop talking to Doug about her visit with Liv.
Aaron: 'Yeah, she's much better. More positive anyway. She's talking about her future.'
Doug: 'That's great. You can make a mistake and still have a bright one.'
Aaron: 'Well, that's what this bloke's been telling her - her counsellor.'
Doug: 'He's a wise man.'
Aaron: 'Yeah. Apparently. Expect he's in there, not out here. So when she does come out...'
Doug: 'What does he do, this bloke?'
Aaron: 'He just talks to her. Helps her with her school stuff, keeps her positive.'
Doug: 'I've been known to talk. And I know a bit about school stuff.'
Aaron: 'Oh, no, Doug, I wasn't hinting for you.'
Doug: 'No, it'd be a pleasure. I mean, look at Gerry. I've tried to steer him right.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, well, if you see him today before I do, just remind him that today is a work day. He seems to have forgotten again.'
Doug: 'I will. And I'll get some books and some bits and pieces together, for when Liv gets back.'
Aaron: 'That's amazing. Thanks, Doug.'

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Very quickly goes into a Aaron and Robert scene made me smile which was rather short but what a Cute scene it was of them with them both together with Robert having booked a night away for him and Aaron to both enjoy, talking about Liv and Seb with the possibly of more children and ending with arms around each other - HOW PEREFCT!!! Love how openly honest, Aaron was being with Robert, my favourite couple. But I did love the touch we got Robert on Aaron's shoulder. Why are my 2016 feels of Robron flooding back all of a sudden with this scene.
Robert: 'You're back. So what's the drama?'
Aaron: 'Well, she got herself into a fight so I get called in. Turns out she wanted to see me after all. (Aaron smiles) We had a good chat, and seems to have got her head sorted.'
Robert: 'So that's you sorting out, Liv, and there's me changing Seb's nappy at lunch without him weeing all over my face or pooing up the wall. That's cause for a celebration.'
Aaron: 'Pint, you mean? '
Robert: 'No, a night away, I mean, if you're up for it.'
Aaron: 'Yeah!'
Robert: 'Well good, because I've booked it.'
Aaron: 'Wow. Parents slash legal guardians of the year.'
Robert: 'We should run a foster home or something.'
Aaron: 'I think we've got enough kids in our lives.'
Robert: 'Yeah. Course. Do you?'
Aaron: 'Yeah, course.' (Aaron and Robert are both clearly thinking about what they just said)
Robert: 'Anyway, you should get in there fast cos Paddy's convinced himself the world will end you don't.'
Aaron: 'Is there anyone that can cope without me?'
Robert: 'Well, don't look at me.' (Both they LAUGH and Robert puts his arm around Aaron)

Aaron enters The Woolpack with a card for his mum but she is annoyed with Paddy for not telling her that Aaron was visiting Liv. But I do love seeing Aaron's smile, it's rather special and beautiful.
Chas: 'Why didn't you tell me about Liv?'
Paddy: 'I would've done but the hex.'
Chas: 'What hex?'
Paddy: 'You think we're cursed. I thought if anything else goes wrong, you'll flip.'
Chas: 'Oh, yeah, flip as in urgh! But not as in be a flipping idiot. I mean you seem to be doing enough of that for both of us.' (Aaron enters with Robert)
Aaron: 'All right?'
Chas: 'Well, yeah I am. (points to Paddy) Him, not so much. (takes card for Aaron) Thank you! Is that a 'I'm Sorry You're Such A Massive Overreactor' card?'
Aaron: 'No.'
Chas: 'Oh, right, well you might want to take it back to the shop, then.' (Chas walks off)

Friday's episode was written by Paul Coates and directed by Tim Finn.
I am  really not looking forward to tonight's episode with Robert and Aaron finding out about Gerry's death especially knowing how upset Liv is going to be! I am feeling rather nervous for this episode.

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The first scene of the episode with Aaron and Robert was when they arrived back at The Scrapyard after their night away and the way that Aaron kissed Robert first and then Robert returned the favour made me so very happy and rather emotional but I did love it! Aaron is so happy with Robert and their reunion was everything, look at the percussion. Love that Emmerdale have realised that Robert and Aaron are able to show affection. That scene was well worth the wait and I couldn't be more grateful - it's giving me many of my 2016 'Robron' feels once again.
Aaron: 'Did you leave a tip, by the way? The state we left the room in.'
Robert: 'Yeah, it did get a bit wild, didn't it? (Aaron smiles) In a good way.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, we needed it, didn't we? Just you and me. Thank you!' (Aaron kisses Robert)
Robert: 'You're welcome.'
Aaron: (Robert reaches in his jacket pocket for his phone) 'Go on, you can turn it back on. I know you've been itching. A full night with it turned off.'
Robert: (reaches for Aaron) 'Come back here, you. Not finished being thanked.' (Robert kisses Aaron)
Aaron: 'Stop it! You'll make Gerry blush.'
Robert:  (Both get out the car) 'Is he even in there? '
Aaron: 'Dunno. If he is, he's up to summat.'
Robert: (Both walk to the office) 'I told you he's a liability.'
Aaron: (Aaron reaches for his phone) 'I'm gonna kill him.'

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The second time we saw Aaron and Robert was back at The Scrapyard when Chas arrives where Aaron is leaving a voicemail minutes before Chas tells him about Gerry's death. Aaron's shocked about the news of Gerry's death and I bet you he's already worried about telling Liv, because that's the sort of brother he is!
Aaron: 'He's not answering.'
Robert: 'Well, he's blown it. (looks at his phone) Whoa, a lot of missed calls.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, the same. (Chas walks up to them) They keep coming through while I'm on the phone.'
Chas: 'Most of them will be from me. I've been trying to get hold of you.'
Aaron: (leaving Gerry a voicemail message) 'Just one sec. Gerry, mate, thanks for opening up. It's amazing. Oh, yeah, I forgot I'm talking to you.
Chas: 'Aaron, love.'
Aaron: 'You couldn't even let me know you weren't coming in again. You better not be in the house when I get back or I'm gonna kill you. (gets of the phone and turns around to Chas) Go on. What's up?'
Chas: 'Gerry's dead.' (Aaron looks so shocked)

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We next saw a scene from Liv and Aaron when Liv in prison on the phone to her brother who is telling her about Gerry's death, both of them are very emotional. Liv on the phone shaking in such a worrying state is what got me very emotional. Liv's utterly broken and Aaron's doing he's best to calm herself down. This scene of Aaron delivering the news about Gerry's death to Liv was an important and honest one which goes to show how close their friendship was and how much he meant to Liv!! I am so going to miss scenes between this pairing.
Liv:  (On the phone to Aaron) 'They came and got me. So this must be important. Something's wrong isn't it?'
Aaron: (On the phone to Liv sat on The Mill stairs) 'Liv... I erm... I didn't wanna do this over the phone but... I also didn't want to wait, in case you found out.'
Liv: 'Find out what? Aaron, are you OK? (Liv getting herself in such a state) Is it Chas?'
Aaron: 'Liv...'
Liv: 'Aaron, just say it. You're scaring me.'
Aaron: 'It's erm... it's Gerry. He's, erm, he's dead.'
Liv: (crying down the phone to Aaron) 'What?'
Aaron: 'He was in the B&B, and there was a crack above the door and he...Well the whole thing just collapsed on him. (Liv's sobbing) Liv? Liv, listen to me. Listen, I know this is a shock, right? It's a shock to all of us. But you need to be strong. You can't let this set you back. (Aaron continues to cry and Aaron is distraught) Liv? Liv, please talk to me.' (weeps)

The final scene which featured Aaron walks into The Woolpack where Chas and Robert see him broken after telling Liv. Aaron's struggling to know how Liv is gonna cope but knowing Liv has Steve Aaron seems happy to know Liv will be looked after! Aaron's softer voice = perfect!
(Aaron enters The Woolpack and Chas walks over) Chas: 'How is she?'
Aaron: 'She's not good. (Roberts walks over) Steve said he's gonna look after her. I just wanna give her a big hug.'
Robert: 'She'll be fine.'
Aaron: 'She's in a mess, mate. And from what I can see, this is all Doug's fault.'


Special mentions

I was so happy to see Isobel Steele back on screen because she's such a talented young actress who on Friday stole the show for me when he stunning emotional acting! If you don't get the Best Young Actor award in a few weeks at The British Soap Awards I will be so shocked and many of us will not be happy because Isobel deserves this award so much after what has been an incredible year for Liv with her character development. I am so proud of you for everything!
Thank you Paul Roundell for giving us the Robron scenes we all wanted in Thursday's second episode with the display of affection we had all waited so long to see once again!
Also, THANK YOU Paul Coates for the TWO Robron kisses in tonight's episode, so very grateful!

You can watch this week's scenes here.

Review by Kellie x


  1. Thank you SO much!!! I LOVE your blogs!!! This was wonderful!!! I hate that Gerry died, but TOTALLY OVERJOYED about the Robron scenes. They behaved so in character. Thanks again!!!

    1. Thank you so much for all your support with my blogs this year, means a lot to me. I have loved all the Robron scenes this year even the sadder one now they have happened.


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