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TODAY (25th May) Lena Stone has released her debut EP 'Lena Stone - EP'. The EP features 5 songs all which are written by Lena. The EP was produced by Adam Wood.

Tragic was written by Lena and Adam Wood.
Tragic starts with a rather upbeat yet slower instrumental compared to what I was expecting with the song title being something dark, but I loved that I was surprised by this. The first verse was soft and gets you thinking straight from the start. I loved the fact that the lyrics within the chorus are rather catchy and I caught myself swaying along at times connecting to the lyrics. The second verse is rather special and I like the fact that Lena's vocals are super sweet sounding.
I can't thank Lena enough for being brave enough to write a song like Tragic.

Nervous was written by Lena, Adam Wood and Caeland Garner.
Nervous starts with a sharper tune with a little instrumental with Lena's coming in with her soft vocals. The first and second verse are super cute and based on experience of being a young girl - but do you know what you can hear the vulnerably in Lena's voice. The chorus is just insane and got me emotional the first time I hear it. You can still Nervous is about a boy and being scared and songs like this are good for young fans who struggle with if being nervous is ok because I know as a young girl I did and it's thanks to songs like this that you realise it is ok. At times, I felt myself singing along at times. There is something about Lena's song-writing that is so magical and perfect which Lena deserves so much praise for!

Hey There Hollywood was written by Lena, Adam Wood and Karlie Shorr. 
Hey There Hollywood is the happiest sounding with a few soft instrumentals before Lena joins with her quirky vocals. The first verse is about growing up with an emotional sound - which shows us Lena's vocal range. The chorus is super catchy and super heartfelt, love how Lena's voice changes in the last line but one that works so incredibly well. I felt myself swaying and dancing to this song. The second verse is beautiful (I was nearly in tears due to connecting so much with the song.) The song-writing bought a tear to my eye for the honesty and deserves so much lyrical praise (yes, I know I am saying this a lot but this EP is rather unique and very relatable.) Thank you for being brave enough to writing a wonderful song like this!

Running Out Of Red Lights was written by Lena and Adam Wood.
Running Out Of Red Lights starts with a guitar instrumental which is quirky before Lena comes in with her wonderful vocals. With the guitar instrumental staying throughout. Lena's vocals were amazing and shows how passionate she is for what she is singing about. I love how in the first verse Lena shows her soft vocals before the chorus demonstrates her higher meaningful vocals. The chorus is very open and honest which is magical to here from a young artist! The second verse is stunning with featuring stand out lyrics that I have sure many can relate too!
The chorus is very raw and honest and makes the song wonderful along with it being extremely relatable. The song-writing bought a tear to my eye for the honesty and deserves so much lyrical praise.

Can't Think Straight was written by Lena and David Dorn.
Can't Think Straight starts more upbeat sounding joined shortly by Lena's heartfelt lyrics and vocals which are once again soft - love that Lena isn't afraid to be honest with how she feels when she sings. The first and second verse are super honest and the first verse gets you thinking right the start about your childhood/ adulthood because we have all had moments like this. The chorus is super catchy and heartfelt bought a little tear to my eye - I adore songs that do this especially when the artist wears their heart of their sleeves! Can't Think Straight is such a beautiful song to end Lena's debut EP on. This is one song I am very excited to hear live one day.
Never have I heard a song that is so me and this is definitely one song that is going to be added to my summer playlist.

You can buy Lena's EP here.

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