Happy Sunday!

Could I ask you to introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Molly-Anne. I am a young singer-songwriter from the South-West of England, influenced by Americana, Country, Folk and Pop.

Your new single Polperro (out 18th May) could us what it's about?

Polperro is a song I wrote when I was walking the coastal path from Polruan to Polperro. Anyone who has visited the area knows the raw and powerful beauty of the Cornish coastline and I found great creativity and inspiration amongst the rugged, natural beauty of the area. The song is simply about finding peace and solace amongst the natural world, in times of loneliness or solitude.

The lyrics are wonderful. I am intrigued to know how look did it take you to write 'Polperro'?
I have quite a strange creative process. Sometimes I'll find I can write several decent songs in a day and other times it'll take me months to come up with something good. I find regular meditational practice helps to keep my creativity steady and flowing. I think Polperro was one of the lucky songs that shot into my head and down onto paper quite quickly.

How long roughly did it take you to decide on the 3 tracks for this EP?
The three songs I've chosen to be on 'Songs Of The South' seemed to mesh together quite well. All three are written about beautiful and inspiring places I've visited or lived in the South of England, meaning they just kind of fell into place!

What made you decide that Songs Of The South was gonna be name for your EP? What inspired you to this name? How did you decide on the 3 tracks that you chose for the EP?
'Songs Of The South' was inspired by the fusion of my 'South' folky style of music along with the songs being all inspired and written about amazing places in the South of England. All three tracks tell stories about finding beauty, solace and home in places of natural excellence and I found myself massively inspired by my trips around the UK.

Thank you so much for your time,  Molly-Anne.
Thank you Kellie!

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x