Happy Thursday!

I am very pleased to announce that Danny McMahon is back with his new single 'Move' which will be out TOMORROW (Friday 25th May).

Move starts with a very quirky and funky feeling sound. Move is based on a relationship and you get this from the lyrics but with Danny's jolly vocal vibe throughout it's a magical mix. Move is one song I felt myself swaying along to from the start. The first verse is very upbeat, the lyrics are just beautiful. Move is one of those songs that is perfect for a pre-party playlist and even a party - I absolutely adore this song already!
Move has such very, very catchy lyrics and the second time it came around I felt myself singing along. The second verse is verse where it is obviously based on a man's point of view compared to the first but that's ok because it's based on experience and artists who do this are rather special! The final and bridge are very jolly and Danny's softer vocals show through, perfect choice of tone.
Move is one song I think will be incredible live. Move shows us how passionate Danny is about his song-writing. I am very happy Danny has written a dance song!

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x