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I am not ready to see Aaron press the self-destruct button and blaming himself for all of Liv's issues! But at the same time I hope Liv is open about how she feels.

Thursday's 7pm episode was written by Samantha Doland De-Vaux and directed by Tracey Rooney.
The first scene of the episode was Liv entering to a surprise visit from Robert and Aaron where Aaron confronts Liv and she is broken about Aaron betraying her with going through her personal belonging. Liv admits she can't talk about it! She's breaking me already!
Liv: (Walks through the gate and sees Aaron and Robert at a table) 'I wasn't expecting a visit? Why are you here?'
Aaron: 'Er, well Steve talked to us...and you're not in any trouble, but we need to chat.'
Liv: 'He shouldn't have done that.'
Robert: 'He has a duty of care.'
Liv: 'I told him it was no big deal. Anyway it's not like you haven't seen me sneak a few drinks before.'
Robert: 'This is a bit more than that, though, isn't it?'
Aaron: 'Liv, come on, give it up. We found a water bottle full of vodka in your school bag.'
Liv: 'You had no right to go in there snooping!'
Aaron: 'But Steve was right, though, weren't he? (Liv looks broken) You've been drinking at school. Liv, you need to get real and you need to talk to me.'
Liv: 'That's the whole point - I can't!'

The second time we saw Aaron and Robert was back in The Young Offenders where Aaron was still talking to Liv about her issues and trying to get her to open up to him and Robert. Liv looks ashamed of herself and especially as Aaron is opening up to her in his own little way. But Liv does have a valid point from confessing her brother by saying that everything is about him. And yes, he does care so much for Liv but at the same time his mental health is important as is Liv's but how can he help Liv if she won't even help herself?! Aaron is so shocked by Liv's hard hitting facts. Thank god Liv is being open for the first time.
Aaron: 'I know you got all that grief at school, with Gabby and the "shank" thing and... kissing her. But did anything else happen? Did anyone... Anyone else... touch you?'
Liv: 'No.'
Aaron: 'So were you being bullied or... just doing it out of boredom, or what? Why were you doing it, Liv? After everything I went through with the drugs, I know I haven't been the greatest example for you, but I thought you would've learnt from my mistakes.'
Liv: 'You know what I did learn in that that counselling session? Everything's always about you and your problems. '
Robert: 'Hey! Here's done nothing but be a good brother.'
Liv: 'Everything is always about how he feels: "Oh, don't tell Aaron, it might upset him. He might go off on one and hurt himself. And don't act the victim! See, this is why I couldn't tell you. I was scared that you wouldn't be able to handle it! Scared that you'd do drugs or.. or you'd hurt yourself or row with Robert and spilt up again, so I just had to deal with it on my own and suck it up.'
Aaron: 'I've always looked out for you.'
Liv: 'No, you needed me to be strong, so I was, for you... when you went to prison. I felt like you left me. (sniffs) All cos you wouldn't control your temper. And then you got into drugs and you stuffed everything up with Robert... Yeah, he slept with Rebecca, but why do you think that is? It's cos you left him alone, just like you did with me. And when I first moved in with you, I was so happy! I though I won't have to act like the adult any more, won't have to cope on my own any more, like I did with Mum but I did. I still had to look out for myself, cos you kept messing up.'
Aaron: 'Liv...'
Liv: 'No. You don't listen. You're too wrapped up in yourself to hear anyone else.'

The third time we saw Aaron and Robert was once again still in The Young Offenders where Robert was seen sticking up for Aaron with Liv leading Robert to tell Liv to sit down and let Aaron try to explain. Liv tells Aaron and Robert not to visit her again... Aaron's face is completely shattered into a thousand pieces but I can't blame her for saying that especially after what he said about Gordon even if it was an accident and not said as she wanted.
Robert: 'Look, you're both upset. She doesn't know what she's saying and... he's just blaming himself.'
Aaron: 'I do, Liv. I'm sorry.'
Liv: 'Are you? I don't think you get it.'
Aaron: 'I do get it... and I get what drinking does to people, how it makes them act.' (Liv gets up)
Robert: 'Please, just hear him out - please.'
Aaron: 'It's like Gordon. He always used to be angry and then, when he drank, it made it worse.'
Liv: 'Gordon? What's that got to do with me?'
Aaron: 'I don't know, I'm just saying... you need to get it under control.'
Liv: 'No, you're saying I'm like him! You're comparing how he was to my drinking. Unbelievable!'
Aaron: 'No, that's not what I'm saying. Liv, I am not saying you are anything like him. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. It came out wrong. Let me come back tomorrow and you can just sit and talk and I'll just listen -'
Liv: 'No. I don't want you visiting me and I don't want to see you. Don't come back.'

One thing I need to see before the episode ends is a scene knowing if Aaron and Liv are ok! I am really worried for them.

Thursday's 8pm episode was written by Samantha Doland De-Vaux and directed by Tracey Rooney.

Gabby shows an interest in asking how Liv is and how she can't stop thinking about her.

The first time we saw Aaron and Robert in the episode was when they were arriving at The Scrapyard where Aaron is trying to get to see Liv again (calling the Young Offenders) But with Aaron having Liv's words ringing in his ears, I just say I blame him from me leaving it. Robert is being so supportive to Aaron. Aaron is definitely hitting the self-destruct button! I personally don't think it helps with how alike Aaron and Liv are so no wonder they bang heads at times. Sassy Aaron is one of my favourite sides to  see of him.
Aaron: (on the phone) 'Right, all right. Yeah, cheers, bye.'
(Both Robert and Aaron enter the Scrapyard offer and close door) Robert: 'So, what did they reckon?'
Aaron: 'Well, Liv's still adamant, and they can't MAKE her see us.'
Robert: 'Yeah, but once she's calmed down a bit?'
Aaron: 'I've never seen her kick off like that before.'
Robert: 'She's hot-headed. She remind you of anyone?'
Aaron: (sighs) 'Yeah, cos it's always all about me init(!) Liv was right. I was the one person she was meant to rely on. What if all that drinking started after I lashed out at Kasim and left her on her to cope of her own?
Robert: 'No. She had me and Chas.'
Aaron: 'Why did I bring Gordon up? What didn't you stop me?!'
Robert: 'I didn't know where you were going with it, and I thought you hated me interfering? It'll be OK, but I do need to pick Seb up from Victoria's now. So, why don't you go at take your mind of it all and smash the hell out of some scrap metal?'
Aaron: 'She blames me for not being there but we don't know the reason the real reason she started drinking, do we? And if we don't know that, how can we help her?' (Belle enters)
Belle: 'Is Liv OK?'
Aaron: 'She's great, loving it (!) She wished she went to Youth Offenders years go (!) Cause she's not alright, you know what it's like in there.'
Belle: 'Yeah and I'm sorry.' (Aaron leaves)
Robert: 'We didn't have a great visit today. He's just worried about her.'
(Robert then leaves with Belle still in there)
Belle: (voices in her head) 'See, Aaron hates you, too. He doesn't want you near Liv...'

The second time we saw Aaron was when he sat with Gabby and Gerry where Aaron starts questioning them about Liv's drinking. And I know that Aaron is a caring brother but Liv doesn't feel like she can be open with him sadly.. Aaron's broken and he so determined to understand his little sister.
Gerry: (Aaron walking around) 'There's an even better one of a chimpanzee on a golf cart. It's mayhem on a stick!'
Aaron: 'Can I have a word?' (looks at Gabby)
Gerry: 'On my dinner. I've done loads of work!'
Aaron: 'I know when you're lying, Gerry, your cheeks wobble. (Gerry checks his face) Whatever happened to your community service by the way? Or should I say, 'get out of jail free card.''
Gabby: 'I start tomorrow actually.'
Aaron: 'Sorry just... I'm not having a good day. (sighs) I need to ask you a few questions about Liv.'
Gabby: 'Why what's happened, is she in trouble?'
Aaron: 'No, but she's been drinking and I mean A LOT. So I wanna know when it started and who got you the booze. (Gerry looks at Gabby) Don't know you're not in any bother. I just need to understand. '
Gabby: 'Right, well, I-I guess we were drinking a bit more lately, when I was blackmailing Daz into buying us alcohol. But you know we drank before at the Pavilion or whatever. So it's not like she's got a problem.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, she has. Was something going on with her? I mean apart from the fact YOU humiliated her? '
Gabby: 'Well, I guess there was always pressure at school, and yeah there was court and we both felt really bad for Lisa. '
Gerry: 'Liv seemed really fine to me. Don't stress, mate. It won't be all bad.'
Aaron: 'I found a water bottle full of vodka in her school bag. She's been drinking at school every day, all day maybe. So yeah, it is pretty bad.' (Aaron leaves)

The third time we saw Aaron and Robert was in they were in The Mill where Aaron is still revelling from his meeting with Liv and is struggling to understand how his sister couldn't open up to him. Aaron is broken and yes Robert is trying to help Aaron understand but thank god Aaron has someone their for him. Aaron blaming Robert for everything, has me super emotional!
Robert: (walking down the stairs, Aaron walks in) 'Seb fall asleep in his buggy on his way back so I've put him in his cot. (Aaron sits down) Erm, did you speak to Gabby?'
Aaron: 'Yeah, she didn't know anything. What is so bad that iv need to drink to forget about it, what?'
Robert: 'She told you, it wasn't anything like that. Aaron you need to believe her and stop torturing yourself.'
Aaron: 'I knew she was stressed about the court case but.. Maybe she did start drinking after I went to prison, and I just never realised.'
Robert: 'Well, who knows, I mean we've both had a lot going on.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, and now I'm losing my little sister.'
Robert: 'Well look, it's not all bad, there are some positives. She's doing her school work now and... I know at least she can't drink in there.'
Aaron: 'She's still banged up 24/7.'
Robert: 'Yeah, I know and it's terrible but she's seeing a counsellor now at least.'
Aaron: 'Then it's worked out perfectly for her, hasn't it? You would say that, you started all this.'
Robert: (Stammers) 'What? Sorry how is this all my fault now?'
Aaron: 'Well if it wasn't for Rebecca and Seb and all your stupid mistakes, this would NEVER have happened! I'd have kept my eye on the ball and seen something was wrong with Liv!'
Robert: (looks shocked by what Aaron had said) 'I can't believe you just said that.'

The final time we saw Aaron/ Robert were in The Mill, Robert came and sat with Aaron. Robert is determined to help Aaron get through everything especially after what happened between them and after their meeting with Liv today not going well. A broken Aaron is breaking me and I can't cope with Aaron trying to be strong when the one thing we know how can't be. But I always think as long as he has Robert and they ALWAYS continue to talk about everything this time around they will be able to help themselves whilst helping Liv at the same time!
Robert: (walks down the stairs) 'Seb, sorry, my 'stupid mistake' is still sleeping soundly, not that you'd care.'
Aaron: 'I'm sorry... for saying all that. It's not true.'
Robert: (sits next to Aaron) 'Things are meant to be different now, Aaron. This was our fresh start. You can't keep using the past as a weapon.'
Aaron: 'I know. None of this is your fault or Rebecca's or Seb's, he's just a baby. I was out of order for lashing out like that. I said that I'd never resent Seb and  promise you, I really don't. Liv was right. I AM self-obsessed. It's just, what's happened to her, has taken me back to some dark places you know. Gordon, and all the stuff that happened in the prison, doing the drugs. My counsellor would say I'm just projecting all that stuff onto Liv, rather than dealing with my own guilt for missing what was under my nose. She'd been bullied. She was struggling with her sexuality. She was scared to death of going to court. I should've seen what all this was doing to her. Instead, I messed everything up again ain't I, with her, with us.'
Robert: 'No, you haven't. WE are not the problem here.'
Aaron: 'But I neglected her, didn't I? Expected her to be strong. She acts all tough, but she's just a kid.'
Robert: 'Hey, we can make this right. What did we say when we got back together?'
Aaron: 'That we'd keep talking and work it out, together.'
Robert: 'Exactly. I know you think that you've messed up with Liv... But hey, look at me. (Aaron looks at Robert) I promise you, you haven't. We'll get through this.'


Special mentions

Samantha Doland De-Vaux - I can't thank you enough for your incredible writing and yes it was heart-breaking to watch tonight's episodes, I am so glad it was you writing them!
Your dedication to the characters you wrote for shone through with your writing and I know me and many others are so grateful!
Isobel Steele and Danny Miller you both smashed your incredibly emotional scenes tonight! What a powerful acting duo. Super proud of these two!
Ryan Hawley I thank you too for all your scenes with Danny together. You both work fabulous well together as always!

You can watch the scenes here.

Thank you for reading.
Kellie x