Happy Monday!

Molly-Anne is a country and folk inspired singer-songwriter from Gloucestershire, UK.

Molly-Anne is releasing her next single Polperro THIS FRIDAY (18th May) and has asked me to help spread the word.
Molly-Anne is releasing Polperro as part 1 of a 3 track EP called Songs Of The South which is due to be released in June. Polperro is the title track which sets the pace for the EP which is yet to come. Inspired by the raw and Cornish coastline, Polperro speaks of finding beauty, solace, comfort and inspiration in nature.
Polperro was recorded and produced at Resound Media in Painswick. Polperro has a gentle country/folk inspiration and fuses across genres to forge out a soft, new sound.

'Polperro is such a stunning song and one I am very excited about.' - BringCountry2UK

Polperro has a wonderful solo backing track to start which sets the tone for the song before Molly-Anne joins with her stunning vocals and meaningful lyrics from the off. Every verse of Polperro is magical and heartfelt. Each of the three verses are rather unique and show how passionate Molly-Anne is about this song - it allows you to see both sides of the situation!
I adore the chorus because of the stunning lyrics and I felt myself singing along at times with it. Polperro lets you paint your own image of what Polperro is and means, songs like this are rather unique.

You can watch the video for Polperro here.

You can join Molly-Anne on her Social Media

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